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Arbor Low & Gib Hill

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Gib Hill Artificial Mound
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Children dig into the past

Published on Tuesday 17 April 2012 09:00

Digging into the past have been pupils from primary schools around Buxton who have taken part in an archaeological project.

The dig has been taking place in a bid to uncover more about the history of the area around the henge of Arbor Low and Gib Hill situated near to Monyash... continues...
juamei Posted by juamei
23rd April 2012ce

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Visited this site a few years ago. When we arrived the sun was out and there was this guy sitting on the centre stone playing an acoustic guitar, it was really chilled out.

We went to look at the mounds, carried on into the next field and came upon a massive hole cut deep into the ground, and I mean massive. I thought it was maybe an old mine or something, it looked man made, odd thing is you could'nt really see it until you reached it.

After a while we made it back to the circle, the guitar player was gone and the sky was overcast, I was amazed at how sheltered the inside of the circle felt, no breeze, no sound, it was an incredibly calming experience like I had shut the door on the world and its worries.

This is a site I will visit again, many times.
Posted by AGrace
23rd August 2005ce
Edited 23rd August 2005ce

wed.22nd may 02
got unnecessarily lost on the way here from stanton moor! stupidly left my camera in the van too! never mind, a majestically wild and windy early evening spent here was well worth it.. i was overwhelmed by this place; in stark contrast to the nine ladies , arbor low is awesomely free; beautiful big sleepy grey stones set in a surprisingly large henge .. the skies were sweeping so quickly across as i sat there, i forgot all sense of time..the way the bank rises up so steeply almost makes you feel as though you've gone down into the hill whilst still being aware that you are on top of it! i wondered whether the stones might have stood upright at some point, but somehow it seemed wholly appropriate that they were recumbent, almost echoing the land spread out before them. as i stood on the hill behind looking down at the henge and stones, it struck me that it looked utterly perfect just as it was! gooorrrgeous.... x
Posted by lissy
9th June 2002ce

One small thing that julian says above which is not confirmed is that
the long stones were standing. This has never been proven and in fact the earth below the stones was found not to 'be deeply disturbed' therefore implying that they have always been recumbant
Oh and don't forget to walk widdershins thrice around the bank for a healthy life (according to my great gran who used to live at the farm
when she was very young!)
Posted by joe23
8th February 2002ce

We arrived at the farm car park, after just reading Julian's note about the barking dogs. Sure enough stood waiting in the car park, unchained, was one of these dogs! We sat in the car for a while, the dog strolled over and plonked itself outside my door, then just stared. Images of savaged ankles ran through my paranoid brain. Eventually my mate braved it and got out of the car, to which the dog rolled over - it only wanted to be petted! So much for the barking guard dogs! Next the dog proceeded to lead us round the site - first the henge and circle, waiting on the burial mound as we took it all in, then ran over the field to Gib Hill, again waiting while we took it in. Once we were done it was off into a nearby field and just ran round and round as we drove off. And it didn't even expect any payment.
My advice for future visitors: Take some dog biscuits!

O yeah, and the site is amazing!
IronMan Posted by IronMan
4th February 2002ce
Edited 19th December 2002ce

A truly fantastic place with great power, and energy. However, watch out for the cows, the may not let you leave!! Posted by holly_golightly
18th November 2001ce

arbor low; an incredible site, feel as if you are on top of the world. powerful; whatever you do here is multiplied a thousand times. Posted by greentara
12th October 2001ce


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Arbor Low Environs Project

Welcome to the Arbor Low Environs Project website. This is a new project which will be exploring the landscape surrounding the henge of Arbor Low in the Peak District. The project is a collaboration between archaeologists, students, volunteers and farmers.

The project has a number of questions which it seeks to address, including how has this landscape been experienced through time? For some it seems that a monument such as Arbor Low exists in isolation, built by unknown hands at some unknown point in time in the past, for some as yet unknown reason. This project will be bringing together the various strands of what we do know and trying to develop a new, broader understanding of not only the monument but the landscape around it.


Unfortunately the 2012 digging season is over but they are planning 5 years of work.
juamei Posted by juamei
23rd April 2012ce

Arbor Low and Gib Hill Conservation Plan

PDF document about the site.
Chris Collyer Posted by Chris Collyer
25th February 2010ce

I dig Sheffield

Info on Arbor Low.
Photo's of finds......and some great watercolours by Thomas Bateman, his aerial view of the henge is great.

Use the map on the site to find the Arbor Low section.
stubob Posted by stubob
28th April 2003ce
Edited 28th April 2003ce

English Heritages Geophysical database

The Geophsyical report on the area
fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
3rd April 2003ce

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Gib Hill (Artificial Mound) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Gib Hill</b>Posted by spencer<b>Gib Hill</b>Posted by spencer spencer Posted by spencer
15th May 2019ce

Arbor Low (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Arbor Low</b>Posted by Zeb<b>Arbor Low</b>Posted by Zeb<b>Arbor Low</b>Posted by Zeb Posted by Zeb
21st April 2018ce

Gib Hill (Artificial Mound) — Images

<b>Gib Hill</b>Posted by Rhiannon Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
12th November 2016ce

Arbor Low (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

21st September 2016

It's been six years since I was last here, flipping blimey, really? it was an equinox then too, but spring not Autumn as it is now, well actually the equinox is tomorrow, in the afternoon some time, that would kind of ruin your chances of a good sun rise I'd have thought. My day of is the 21st though so that's why i'm a day early, I'm not happy about it though, I try to get out on these days above all others, it just has to be done, almost as if the fate of the world rested in my being at some stones for the sunrise. I've lied to work in the middle of Christmas working, I've gone out a couple of days after having complicated surgery, I've gone to the lake district, forgotten my daughter and gone back and then on to the Peak district, it's important to me, saving the world, and everyone else, probably.

With Arbor low being so close to me I was well in time for the sunrise, but unfortunately the sky didn't look like it wanted to cooperate, it was a fairly grey day, I sighed inwardly, then realised I was alone and sighed out loud. But then a miracle happened over to the east there was a small thin sliver of actual sky, close to the horizon, could I dare to hope that the sun would pass up through this tiniest of gaps. I unpacked my sitting mat and sat upon it, they're very handy things, sitting mats, if you find one on a mountain top I strongly recommend you pick it up and nick it, then I waited for the great luminary to make an entrance, however brief it may be, if at all.

Whilst I waited from my vantage point on the west bank I could see that were it to rise where I predicted it would be just to the left of the big barrow in the henge, right where a gap in the henge is, was the gap made by the building of the barrow, or is it especially for folk like me to spy on the secret paths of the sun. I also wondered where the ancient people would have stood and watched what ever was going on here on days like these, were they outside the henge? upon the henge? in the ditch? in the circle? did they even stand at all, it might have been a dancing kind of experience, I don't do dancing, not sober anyway, so I continue to sit, and wait.
Until the waiting was over, the sun was coming, and I could see it through my crack in the cloud, I don't think I've ever said that before, but there it was, a golden sliver of beautiful light, I photographed it, but my skills are seriously lacking in low light, but you give it a go don't you? without resourcing to multiple cameras and much trickery, or perhaps not.
It only took five minutes and its completely passed through my crack, I saw it all, just not all at the same time, then it was gone, swallowed by the grey.

World saving duties over I set about the stones, inspecting each one individually, on one of the stones on the west side I think I spotted a couple of very worthy cup marks, I'm not sure I've seen them before, nor heard of them, so It's always worth the time to inspect each stone singly.
Most of these stones could be re-erected, much to the benefit of the site, Burl called Arbor low "the Stonehenge of the north", but that doesn't seem to bring the crowds, imagine if the stones were a standing. Some couldn't be stood back up though as they've shattered into up to a half a dozen pieces, but it's OK to have a few lying down, isn't it.

From the henge bank Gib hill is looming large at the back of the next field, I always go over before I head off to pastures new, not sure why, I don't think it matters. The information board tells me that Gib hill is two cairns, a long one with a round one on top, I don't think I knew that before either. Another cairn can be seen from here, across the big road the A515, Lean low it's called, i'm off there now. Tatty bye.
postman Posted by postman
24th September 2016ce

Arbor Low (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Arbor Low</b>Posted by postman<b>Arbor Low</b>Posted by postman<b>Arbor Low</b>Posted by postman postman Posted by postman
22nd September 2016ce
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