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Greycroft Stone Circle

Stone Circle


It's that time of year again, where one simply has to get up really early and drive really far away in order to stand around in a field waiting as the world slowly rotates.
They're something I look forward to, equinoxes, and this one turned out really well.

On the M6 by 3.30am, a wee diversion round a closure
at junction 33, then a nice comfortable drive all the way to Seascale, no rushing about, cool and calm, got there early. But forgot to bring a coat, I might not need it later but standing round in fields before the sun has risen can get a bit nippy. Hey ho.
I parked the car on the wide grass verge by the gate near the bridge, you can see the stones from here. What you cant see anymore is the old ruined mill, it's been demolished to a height of a couple of feet and been landscaped into a place of local interest with information board, it mentions Greycroft stone circle, but barely.
Walking on, I make a bee line for the stones, with no agriculture to impede progress I reach the stones in quick time.
By my calculations I still have twenty minutes before the sun comes up, allowing for the slight hill between us.

Whilst standing round taking note of the stones, I noticed the big concrete cooling towers have gone, were they gone last time I came, it's been thirteen years, I cant remember. (29th September, so no) They've also put up two rows of super fences all the way round, they look new, I climbed over it and then up the big bank last time to get a heightened view of the circle. Not anymore.

Holy crap the sun's coming, look lively.
The eastern sky was as clear a sky as I've ever seen on an equinox, it's almost too perfect, just a tiny sprinkling of clouds might have been better, photographing directly into the sun isn't what I'm best at. Nor is being there exactly on the equinox either it's on the 23rd this year, and there's me booking the week before off. But as they say, hey ho.

I manically rush about trying to catch the light while it's at it's best, the sunshine glitters across the stones and sparkles in the grasses dew, and I forget the cold for a while.
It's not really an equinox sunrise type place, the summer solstice, that's another matter, the sun would come up out of some unobscured gorgeous mountain pass I presume.
A sunset would be good with wide open sea views all along the west side, perhaps coincidentally directly west of Greycroft is the northern tip of the Isle of Man. George says there are no coincidences.

The sun has now well and truly risen, that's mission accomplished, I've been here an hour and a half, taken 152 photos, and seen something that's only been seen by a handful of people since the stones went into disuse.
Speaking of disused stones I'm off somewhere a little bit special next, and it involves a little sneak, and I do love a little sneak.
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23rd September 2019ce
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