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Chambered Cairn


Visited 8.9.12

This is obviously one of those ‘must see’ Anglesey sites.

I went to the Wayside Stores to ask for the key but was told it was now ‘escorted visits’ only.
The lady in the shop (who initially didn't seem very interested) ‘phoned someone who said there was a group form Glasgow University being shown around the site at 2.00pm and could I join that group?
No problem said I and headed straight to the famous Chambered Cairn – where I was told to meet the party.

I arrived at the Cairn at 1.45pm – it is about a 10 minute walk from the large beach car park. Sophie was asleep so Karen stayed with her in the car whilst I took a wander along the headland. It was a sunny but windy day and I was surprised to see so many brave souls enjoying a ‘refreshing’ dip!

Whilst waiting for my ‘guide’ to arrive I first visited the nearby Round Cairn and then read the information boards. The outer door was open which gave access into the passageway but the inner door was padlocked. I was able to peer into the chamber but could not make out any of the carvings on the stones. No bother thought I, I will have a good look when my ‘guide’ arrives with the University group. It was now 2.00pm.

I looked back along the headland, expecting to see a gaggle of people but saw no one.
I sat down on the Cairn and admired the coastal views and seabirds.

2.15pm – two people turned up and despite my initial excitement soon became obvious they were ‘normal’ visitors who were also disappointed to find the door locked. ‘Don’t worry’ said I, someone with a key will be along soon! (How wrong I was)

2.30pm – still no sign – the couple who were waiting with me decided to give up and head back towards the beach.

2.45pm – I walked back along the headland forlornly hoping to see my ‘guide’ and his ‘posse’.

3.00pm – I gave up and headed back to the car. After all there is only so long you can expect people sat in a car to wait for you. Although this is not a direct fault of CADW it certainly doesn’t show them in a good light. I hope that when/if he ever did eventually show up they all had a nice time. No doubt it would have been a better experience than the one I did.

Hopefully those TMAers visiting will have more luck?

Not happy.
Posted by CARL
18th September 2012ce

Comments (3)

Sorry you didn't manage to get inside Carl, since as you say it's one of those must see sights, with unique carvings difficult to appreciate through the iron bars!

It's sad that you can no longer gain access easily here. I always thought it was rather quaint popping to local shop to pay my £5 deposit for the key on its chunky keyring, and have spent many visits here just soaking up the atmosphere inside the tomb, and unhurriedly examing the fantastic carvings and hanging out inside for what seemed like hours.

I suppose this is gone forever now, as a result of idiots who feel the need to destroy any historic remains in a vain effort to provide some amusement in their own vacuous lives.
Ravenfeather Posted by Ravenfeather
18th September 2012ce
How very disappointing, i'd have gone back to the shop and thanked them for wasting my time, or probably not, it seems some bolt cutters will be joining my shears in the boot as essential stone visiting paraphernalia, no, probably not that either, but it doesn't half get me gander up. postman Posted by postman
18th September 2012ce
Bah. This is rubbish isn't it? You have my sympathy Carl, I would have been fuming. thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
18th September 2012ce
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