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Re: Bronze Age Shipwreck carrying Copper Ingots Found off Coast Of Turkey..
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Zariadris wrote:

Been reading Burl's Stonehenge recently, where he talks about how the first farmers came over to Britain in the 5th millennium crossing the English channel, and what a perilous trek that must have been, making one wonder what inspired such a risk. Indeed, the recent reports on the spread of megalithic culture along the Atlantic coast by boat underlines what fearless seafarers these men and women were.

I think some of the Channel-Hopping, Doggerland and ancient settlement and migration evidence has kinda overtaken Burl a bit recently.

The first settlers weren't seafarers. They walked dryshod across what is now the North Sea. They followed herds of migratory reindeer. Late Upper Paleolithic 14,000 years ago. Walked from Northern Germany.[...]c/displayProductDetail.asp?id={4ED1A69D-996A-4D30-A92A-5FC7CFD6099F}

I'm talking Southern Scotland here (Southern England would have been earlier). No North Sea and a wide navigable river for the English Channel. Evidence of settlement from Mesolithic through to Neolithic and Bronze Age on sites like this. Suggestions of very early farming here (as featured on Digging For Britain)[...]2017/09/DAER_MAINREP_FINAL.pdf

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Howburn Digger
Posted by Howburn Digger
17th April 2019ce

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