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Old Oswestry Hillfort On Google Maps
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Had a fab day Saturday mooching various Shropshire castles etc... and ended up at Old Oswestry Fort at the end of the day, cos' it's an interesting place to stretch yer legs and full of wildlife as well as the obvious prehistoric remains. Anyhoo, got home in the evening and decided to google it for an aerial view point and couldn't help noticing that nearby, to the NW (across what is a shallow valley with an unclassified road running along it on the ground which respects one corner) is an intriguing crop mark on the hilltop. Looks to have curved corners, and fairly well described straight section on 3 sides. Plus the nearest corner pointing towards the hillfort looks like the land has been cut away to fit the corner profile. Looks like a marching camp to my eyes, but not knowing anything about the local bedrock geology, I'd not like to say either way. Looks like one side is just over 900ft, by 643ft wide (approx 13.5 acres internally). As you might expect, googled away for local earthworks and other remains that may have been recorded, but have drawn a blank. Anyone else notice it in their travels, or is it just wishful thinking in my part. The hillfort, occupied in the late Neolithic as well as Bronze Age ( in Iron Age big enough for a tribal capital/ oppidum? with good long distance trading links) was apparently not attacked by the Romans during their march north during the invasion. Was wondering if them building a (possible) marching camp so near was enough to scare the Kaka out of the locals, who 'surrendered' without violence. Plus, later Romano/British town Wroxeter isn't too far away. Wondering if they all got 'Romanised' and moved out that way. Dunno how to post a specific google co-ordinate, but click here and view in 2D and it's fairly apparent.[...]!8m2!3d52.8721382!4d-3.0481161

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Posted by Monganaut
25th June 2018ce

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