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Re: Stonehenge & Environs
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carol27 wrote:
Excuse my ignorance but if the owners live in a designated World Heritage Site how do they maintain governance over access & information? If Blick Mead is so highly sensitive an area, why has there been such readily available tv & other media outlets exposure ? The idiots that be have, i believe already decided on the Stonehenge tunnel. I wouldn't have submitted any of this reaction if the tone of your reply hadn't been so patronising, condescending & really do need to learn how to respond to people.
And yes, I know it's to do with valuable funding, necessitating the drip feeding of discovered information; & the poor landowners & their neighbours anxieties about millions of the great unwashed trampling over their patch; & the potential ruination of students thesis, not to mention valuable archaeology being ruined. That happens every day in many areas of the country. Oh dear, dont know why this has made me so mad. Just get on the telly & blather some more about this exclusive place.
Undeniably ignorant me. I await the backlash. Last post, Carol.

Plus there is no reason whatsoever why a serious researcher shouldn't seek permission to enter the site. If you don't ask you won't get! I do it all the time if a site I am researching is on private land. The media can do it so why not anyone else if the correct approach is made. Persistence will often pay off if you show your keen interest and love of our past. Ignore the haughty attitude by some as you have every right to make your own approach to the 'right people' for any site you would like to visit which appears to be out-of-bounds.
Some years ago a pal of mine said he would love to be in the centre of Stonehenge on the night of the full moon to take photographs but had no chance of getting permission. He was a real camera buff and had a plan of how he would set up his equipment. I said I would like to accompany him as it sounded fascinating so wrote a letter to EH seeking permission. I explained that we were private individuals with no connection with any weird or wonderful groups with their own agendas and simply wished to take photographs on a none commercial basis. Much to my amazement they gave us full permission and asked us to present their letter to the staff on our arrival. They looked after us as if we were their own, bringing us tea, coffee and biscuits at hourly intervals. The only downside was that we saw no full moon whatsoever as it was foggy all night. What we did have with us though were some paraffin lamps which were set-up behind some of the stones and gave off a tremendous ghostly effect. Yes, we asked and we got - not a rebuff like we were led to believe we would get! Show respect, enthusiasm and a love for our past and what it has bequeathed us and go for it!

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Posted by Sanctuary
4th November 2017ce

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