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Re: Delusion, hope or a lie?
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Locodogz wrote:

I was under the impression that if I wanted to work in the U.S. I'd have to apply for and be granted a Green Card? And that I'm not automatically "entitled" to one?

At the moment I can go and work anywhere in the EU without the need to seek and get any permissions - are you saying that this will still be the case post-Brexit? I have to say my understanding is that this may not be the case

Right now you would need to apply for a job, be interviewed and get the job. If you were say a self-employed artist you would go and paint (or whatever). After Brexit you will still need to apply for a job, get interviewed and get the job. After Brexit if you were an artist you could still go and paint (or whatever). Europeans have been coming to Britain to work for centuries and vice versa. What makes you have the fear that you wont be able to go there anymore?
Do people think planes will stop flying, ships will stop leaving Hull or the Eurostar will cease to be?
My Uncle Jimmy went to France, Belgium and Holland on a job in September 1939, he came back (the job was cut short) in early June 1940 when he had to leave France through the port of Brest along with his fellow workers. Unfortunately upon returning home he was forced to labour in a coal mine in Ayrshire for the next couple of years (work which he was NOT happy to do). He then got another opportunity to visit Europe in September 1943. That time he visited Sicily, Messina and much of mainland Italy. He finished that job in Venice where he remained based in the city until June 1945 when he returned to Ayrshire. He didn't even have a passport let alone a visa.

Benito Mussolini's Scottish work experience and that of his relatives is well known.

America doesn't run on Green Cards. As most of its big cities and almost the entire State of Kalifornia knows!

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Howburn Digger
Posted by Howburn Digger
5th July 2017ce

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