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Re: Hill-fort Survey
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Rhiannon wrote:

“Are you telling me that because I choose not to post photos of them or write personal exoerience/anecdotal fieldnotes (some of which I enjoy on here a lot) and tend only to talk on the forum, that I in some way deserve to have less of a voice?”

Er you just said - “In all honesty, its probably a lot easier to sit at home with a cup of tea and trawl the internet for information other people have actually bothered to go out and get, and then post it on TMA, proclaiming some sort of relevance in the process.” Implying that my sitting at home method is vastly inferior to your going out method (except we don’t actually get to see the marvellous fruits of these labours. But you can slag other people’s efforts off, that’s ok.)

“ I have not said this site is crap.”
Er you just said “Do we really have to have the same endless, boring, dead-end argument about the climbing of ancient hills on this forum? I'm beginning to feel this place is like a hellish coffee morning for the perpetually dissatisfied or the unimaginatively disgruntled.”

And as for
“You are known as a bit of a live one, obviously”
What, is that like “calm down dear”? Pretty condescending sounding, if not patronising. Tell you what I’ll go and do something more constructive instead of worrying my pretty little head about all this stuff, bye for now.

1. You keep making things up. I have not 'slagged' anybody's efforts regards entries on the TMA database. And I stand by what I said. It is easier to sit at home with a cup of tea and trawl the Internet for info. This was all in reference to me going out and attempting to survey a hillfort and you thinking its a bad idea, for all the reasons in your initial posts, and my certainty that you'll use the finished resource.

2. a. So I'm guessing you admit I didn't call anything 'crap'.
b. I think it's plain to see I was talking with reference to the state of the forum, not the entire TMA site.

3. Probably a bit condescending, yes, but I don't react well to being lied about or deliberately misunderstood in order to make my comments look far worse than they actually are.

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Evergreen Dazed
Posted by Evergreen Dazed
9th July 2013ce

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