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Rempstone Stone Circle
Natural or ritual?
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I've been resisting posting this, but feel I ought to, just in case it has any relevance or repercussions...

Mrs G and I visited Rempstone stone circle last Sunday.

Just outside the circle, at the point nearest the road, was a badly mutilated carcass of what could have been a small sheep or a very small deer. It was difficult to tell as it was mostly mush, with just its' legs and hooves for identification.

This could easily have been a natural death, but what concerned us was that it was lying on what appeared to be a deliberately cleared, perfectly circular patch of ground (around 1 metre in diameter), and a small plastic whiskey bottle with an airgun pellet inside (which we removed from the site). Or maybe it was dragged here by someone after it's death? Who knows..?

The thing that struck me as NOT being a "ritual" slaughter was that it was outside the circle (I imagine the centre of a circle to be more of a pull to "that kind of person"), and right near the road (which I kind of assumed it might not be the most discrete place to do this).

I only mention this because of the news item mentioned some weeks back about the mindless mutilations in Devon:[...]icle_id=406429&in_page_id=1770

I didn't take any photos as it was quite horrible and rather whiffy.

I await the usual responses from the Paranoid Gang and Mister Chuckles with bated breath.

G x

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Posted by goffik
4th October 2006ce

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Re: Natural or ritual? (Rhiannon)

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