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Re: The "perpetual Choirs of Britain".
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With regards to the choirs themselves, I beleive it is thought that 100-strong choirs would sing in shifts around the clock at each of the points around the decagon that forrester refers to. There are actually two of these geometric patterns in the UK. White leaved Oak is the centre of the western ring, however there is a also an overlapping eastern ring. I beleive the theory expands further to suggest that there are patterns through sacred sites across the globe representing the Earths Chakras (energy points like those in the human body) and that purpetual singing, praise and harmony at these points creates world peace. Such points across the world include the Great Pyramids, the Olgas, and some mountain in Tibet among many others.

There is in fact an organisation currently undertaking a festival of harmonic resonance or "festival of 144000 souls". Which through the meditating of 144000 souls on world peace will create harmony across the globe - I suppose though "good vibes". Good luck to them.

It's all rather confusing and the above is my interpretation of the facts (?!) as best I can comprehend them. But it is safe to say that the Pagan Oak at the foot of Ragged Stone is still a spiritual place or temple for many people even today.


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Posted by Moggz
19th September 2005ce

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The "perpetual Choirs of Britain". (Forrester)

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