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Stonehenge; the Circle of Rephaim; and Giants

This perhaps belongs in Folkore but I can't see how to submit - perhaps someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction.

Have just been reading about the CIRCLE OF REPHAIM or Wheel of Giants a massive circular constuction of concentric ring design in the Golan Heights. Believed to have been built 3000BC it is not a burial ground, nor a standard stone circle but is thought to be connected to star worship - specifically Sirius. There are also hundreds of dolmens in the general region similar in appearance to those in northern Britain and France.

Then there is then a jump into the mythological world of Giants and suddenly references to them all over the place and I recalled being up in the West Highlands in the summer when someone said the huge solitary stones that appeared on the sides of the hills and in fields were thrown there by giants who had fallen out with each other.

Reading on, googling a bit, I discovered there are some popular myths around Stonehenge and giants. My favourite is that the stones are petrified dancing giants caught in a sunbeam - the 'Giants Dance'.

Geoffrey of Monmouth in his 'History of the Kings of Britain' states the stones were originally brought from Africa to Ireland by a race of giants. Later, Merlin the wizard moved them from Killaraus in Ireland to Salibury Plain as a monument to the nobles that had been massacred by the Saxons.


Devil's Den - what a surprise

Out with a group of walkers on a lovely sunny early September day, we started off from Manton Hollow - where there is a small hidden car-park at the end of quite a long narrow road, provided by the land-owners to off-set a re-routing of footpaths. We made our through West Wood, moss covered sarsen stones in profusion, on over to the village of West Overton with a pit-stop at The Bell. Then up onto Fyfield Down - absolutely magical with thistle-down blowing across the slopes and scattered stones all around. Then, as we made our back along some higher ground, I saw it.

A lone dolmen standing in a golden field. 'Oh, that's Devil's Den' one of our group told me. I have been mooching around Avebury and surrounding area for literally years, but never knew it was there.

On returning home I checked it out on TMA and found all the wonderfully evocative posts by so many people, with Treaclechops' being the one that really shone out. As a non-car owner, I'm not sure how I will navigate the A4 to get a closer look but where there's a will there's a way.

So I add my small post to the others, as a record of the magic of discovery the wonderful landscape that is Wiltshire.
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