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Holne Moor (Cist)

This kist is quite easy to find as it around 500 metres to the west of Horn's Cross. This kist has only one side stone standing with two end stones and the other side buried beside it.

Hen Tor North / Shavercombe Brook (Cairn(s))

The seven kists that make up this group of cairn burials all lie to the north of Hen Tor and with the exception of one to the west of the Shavercombe Brook. One of them has suprisingly remained in quite good condition as it is very close to the warren boundry wall. The cairn across the Shavercombe is very prominent but only one side slab remains in position.
They are well worth a visit as it is one of only a few places on Dartmoor with many kists in such close proximity to each other. The Langcombe Group where there are eleven cairns/kists is only around a kilometer to the north east. They are within easy reach of each other so could all be visited in the same day,or a weekend of it could be made with a visit to Drizzlecombe as well.

Harrowthorn Plantation North (Cairn(s))

There is not much left of the kist in this cairn.Only one of the end stones is in place and the cover stone lies on the edge of the cairn on the north side.The cairn itself is not all that big but is easily found as it lies between a field wall and a reave which runs east west and at the end of a wall that runs uphill from a small settlement that has been cut by the field wall of the plantation.

Great Gnat's Head (Cairn(s))

The cairn on the summit has obvious signs of modern adjustments but there is evidence of a kerb circle and other stones of the original cairn.The kist which is down hill to the north west is in quite poor condition,with only two side stones remaining standing and one of the end stones fallen between the two.

Goldsmith's Cross/Fox Tor Mire (Cist)

These kists are all within easy reach of each other,three of them being to the east of Goldsmiths cross and the other to the south just outside the newtake wall.The closest to the cross is in the poorest condition while the other two that are in amongst tin workings and are in better condition,one having almost a complete kerb around it.These are seperetad by the remains of a tinner's hut.The one outside the newtake is odd in that one of the sides is made up of two stones.They are all easy to find by following the wall along the south side of Foxtor Mire.

Dendles Waste (Cist)

The cairn/kist is in a part of the Dendles Plantation that has been cut down so is easy to find.It is situated just to the side of the path which runs through the wood and has had a marker put nearby to show where the kist is.

Coombebrook North East (Cairn(s))

The kist is situated in wet ground around the head of the stream that runs through the Coombebrook settlement and is to the west of the Stalldown Row.

Blakey Tor (Cist)

The two kists are to the south of Blakey Tor, one to the east side and one to the west. They are easily reached from the path which runs across Royal Hill. They are almost due north from The Crock of Gold. They are well worth a visit as the view north east from them is excellent, a good place to spend time over a coffee.

Aller Brook (Cist)

The kist is within the east Aller Brook settlement .It is between 2 leats which run north-south through the settlement.It is around 300 metres north of the B3357 east of Combstone Tor.

Le Trepied Tomb (Passage Grave)

Le Trepied Tomb is situated on the west side of the island in the St Savior's District.It is near to Le Catioroc on the edge of Perelle Bay.The tomb is easy to get to as it is on the side of the main road that runs around the island,and is close to a car park.There is nothing left of the cairn which covered the tomb.

Le Creux es Faies (Passage Grave)

Le Creux es Faies is on the far south west side of the island.It is situated on a small peninsula that juts out into the west side of L'eree Bay.It is easily found as it is on the right hand side of the road that runs up to the headland and is not far from a W.W.II Watch Tower that is very prominent on the hill.There is an entrance which is always open,so access is allowed.There is also a very informative notice board near to the entrance.

Langcombe Brook / Deadman's Bottom (Cairn(s))

There are two cairns/kists on the top of the hill,up from the confluence of the Langcombe Brook and the Deadman's Bottom.Very close to these are three circles of stone which were once thought to be cremation circles but are now thought to be the remains of houses.
There are a total of twelve cairns over the course of the Langcombe Brook,eleven of these still have there kists .The most well known of these is known as Grim's Grave.The others are on either side of the brook,some easy to find and others not so.Three of them are barely above the grass and will be lost forever in a year or so.
This is an excellent site to visit and is only a short distance from Drizzlecombe,so is easily accessible.

Vixen Tor (Cist)

The best of the two cairns in this area can no longer be reached as the local farmer has closed the newtake on advice from his solicitor.This how ever has been over turned by the courts and it should be accessible again in the near future.The other one is slightly north and just to the west of the newtake wall,fortunatly outside of it so can be reached.Both these are only800metres south of the B3357so are easily reached.

Stennen Hill (Cist)

The two kists on Stennen Hill are less than 100 metres apart and are within the Stennen Hill settlement.The best preserved of the two is only metres away from the remains of one of the houses.If you wish to visit the site the easiest way is to walk up the track through Powder Mills farm and go in a north westerly direction when you come to the end of the buildings,being careful of the damp ground around the old tin workings.

Stannon Newtake (Cist)

This cairn/kist is inside the Stannon newtake and is just to theeast of a short piece of reave that runs in a north east direction.There is another cairn that is almost on the reave but this one is in a poor condition with no kist to be seen.

Legis Tor Cist

There are two cairns/kists on the east side of Legis Tor,one has one side and an end,the other has two sides left standing.The one with the two sides has the cap stone lying flat on the ground to the south but the cap stone seems to be missing for the other one.They are both only around 100 metres up hill from the extensive enclosures which are on the side of the hill rising up from the river Plym.

Leeden Tor South (Cist)

This kist is easy to find being not too far south of the B3212 road near to the two car parks on the left side going towards Princetown.It is also quite close to the reave which runs in a north east direction.

Ingra Tor (Cist)

The kist is on the east side of Ingra Tor and is again in amongst tussocky grass so a bit difficult to find.The easiest way to find it is to follow the disused leat that runs to the south and east of the Tor.The kist is just to the south of the leat around 100 metres from where it turns east from north.All sides are inplace, although the grass etc has started to cover them, and the cap stone resting on the northern end.Ingra Tor itself is easy to find as it is beside the disused railway that runs from Dousland to Princetown.

Ter Hill (Cist)

There are two kists on the north west side of Ter Hill.They are both in the newtake fields and are hard to find as they are surrounded by long grass and reeds.The northern most of the two is in the best state and still has the cap stone and all four sides where as the other one which is to the south has been badly ransacked withonly one side and one end standing the other side has fallen into the kist,the rest has disappeared.

White Tor East (Cist)

The kist here is easy to find as it is on open moor just to the east of the Tor.It is well worth a visit as the tor itself has a prehistoric hill fort around the summit similar to the one at Minnions in Cornwall,around the Cheese Ring,called Stowe's Pound.
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