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Alta Rock ArtCup and Ring Marks / Rock Art
Dolmen de Avort
Dolmen de la Bajouilliere
Dolmen de la Bajouilliere
Dolmen de la Fontaine au Son 1
Dolmen de la Fontaine au Son 2
Dolmen de la Foret
Dolmen de la Madeleine
Dolmen de la Motte
Dolmen de Pagerie
Dolmen de Puyraveau (Pierre Levee)
Dolmen des Varennes de Cumeray 1
Dolmen des Varennes de Cumeray 2
Dolmen La Vacherie
Dolmen Pierre Cesee
Frejlev Skov 2Chambered Tomb
Frejlev Skov 4Burial Chamber
Frejlev Skov KongChambered Tomb
Klekkende HojPassage Grave
Kong Asgers HojPassage Grave
Kong Sven HojPassage Grave
Konge DyssenLong Barrow
La Pierre Couverte de Bauge
LlwynonStanding Stone / Menhir
Maison des Fees Mire
Maison des Fees Mire
Menhir des Varennes de Cumeray
Menhir Pierre de Nezan
Om Jaettestue 1Passage Grave
Stenstrup JaettestuePassage Grave
Vaon Dolmen
My main hobby is travelling in my camper van (quite luxurious really with bed, dining area, fridge, bathroom, heating, so not roughing it!) trying to make sense out of the megalithic structures from our past. It started when I purchased the two books by Mr Cope and has not waned for a single second. My interest in the structures surges from design and construction to collective labour and communication and how do they fit with what must have been a fairly time consuming business of just existing in the new world of farming and metal technology. Complete amateur, do not profess to have any special insights, however, having a great time finding out and love reading others experiences on this website. Oh, by the way, love music and hill walking (and occasionally trespassing)

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