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Balnagarrow (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

Head east from the Meams Farm cairn basically following a track made by cows. This leads straight to the battered remains of the Balnagarrow cairn. Nothing much to see except a couple of kerbs remaining in place in a site which once stood at over 10 meters. Still it has good views to the north of Kirriemuir and eastern Angus.

With that done it was over to Castle Hill for yet more wonderful scenery.

Visited 12/7/2016.

Meams Farm (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

To the north east of the ring cairn you can see the top of a small hill. On this there is a 17 meters wide cairn which stands at just under 1 meter tall. Several boulders mark a kerb on the east. In fact several boulders are at the rest of the cairns edge but most of the stones seem to have gone except for some in the centre.

Once again a very easy walk, of no more than 200 meters, if you are on the correct hill.

Visited 12/7/2016.

Meams Hill (Ring Cairn) — Fieldnotes

Meams Hill ring cairn was a totally unexpected but wonderful discovery after making a pretty big mistake. In a return to climbing the wrong hill form I climbed the wrong hill. From the Caddam Stone I headed west and then headed north at the junction. Just after Meams farm there is a quarry with plenty of parking space. Thinking that Meams Hill was heading east up the track I promptly climbed and looked all over the hill finding nothing except quite a few left overs from glaciers. At this point I looked at the OS map and discovered I'd gone wrong. I should have taken the next track east which is fairly flat and had two other cairns.

The track is in pretty good condition and starts by going through what looks like a graveyard for torn down barns. Once past that keep going until the trees, the remnants of Meams Wood, with the ring cairn on a small rise being slightly to the south of the track.

This cairn has 18 boulders all of which are earthfast forming the outer circle, still standing proudly looking all over Angus. The inner circle, still there, is covered in grass sitting amongst the cairns 10 meter diameter. Like a lot of sites nearby this area is covered in prehistory, 2 cairns further east and a fort and hill to the west.

With the map reading skills returned to normal these proved fairly easy to find. Great site!!!

Bell Hillock (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

I headed west from the Gallows Hillock heading past previous hikes and visits. It will easier to give the directions from Kirriemuir than give a huge list of wee villages and roads. From Kirriemuir head north on the B955 and take the third minor heading west. This leads past the north side of the Hill Of Redhall. After passing the trees pull into the first gate on the south side of the road. The cairn sits further to the south.

This cairn must have been some size and it still sits at 25 meters by 2 meters high. Nowadays it is turf covered with one or two stones poking through. Damage has been done by the usual houking and various excavations. Finds included a couple of cists, necklace, armlet and an urn. Set amongst beautiful it has wonderful views to the north west in an area teeming with prehistory.

A very easy walk on tractor tracks with the cairn clearly visible from the road.

Visited 12/7/216.

Reedie (Cairn(s)) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Reedie</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Reedie 2 (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Reedie 2</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Reedie 2</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Reedie 2</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Castle Hill (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Castle Hill</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Castle Hill</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Castle Hill</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Ness of Brodgar (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork) — News

Human Bone Found

Balnagarrow (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Balnagarrow</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Balnagarrow</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Meams Farm (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Meams Farm</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Meams Farm</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Meams Farm</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Meams Farm</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Meams Farm</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Gallows Hillock (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

From Balzeordie follow the minor road rest then double back at the junction at Tigerton (pronounced Tigger). I pulled in about a 1/2 mile along this road. The cairn is situated in the wood to the north.

This is a very beautiful site and amazing that it is still there at all. After jumping the fence and basically doing all the usuals through the fir trees, hands and knees etc. the cairn is found at the small hills summit. Set in a bonny wee clearing the cairn has a wonderful atmosphere. A great place to contemplate the world.

The cairn is almost 11 meters wide and at its highest is 1 meter. Some rocks survive in the hollowed out centre suggesting a once possible cist. Also some rocks survive round the outer edges giving a hint of a kerb.

For me, a beautiful place!

Visited 12/7/2016.

Balzeordie (Hillfort) — Links


Good aerial pics.

Balzeordie (Hillfort) — Fieldnotes

Leave Edzell on the southern minor road heading south west signposted Menmuir. At the crossroads with the Catheruns head south then take the first west. The entrance to Balzeordie Farm is the first farm track north. Ask permission if going for a wee look.

From the aerial photo on Canmore the fort can be seen in the cropmarks north east of the Balzeordie Farm. On the day of my visit tatties covered the site so no indicators for me.

Fortunately the farmer was a source of good information. When ploughing the soil is often a different colour due to fire ash etc, it changes colour when drying to show where any defences would have been and to the north the Catheruns look down on the site. Possibly this was an outer fort for its higher neighbours. He also said that the farm name means Geordie's farm. Natural defences are in the north east with a gentler slope to the south.

One thing the farmer didn't know was about the cairn on Gallows Hillock, my next stop.

Visited 12/7/2016.

Balzeordie (Hillfort) — Images

<b>Balzeordie</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Balzeordie</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Balzeordie</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Waggles (Artificial Mound) — Fieldnotes

Keeping heading north west on the Glen Esk road until the track to Waggles, a wee farm on the eastern side which overlooks the road and River Esk. Just before the farm the artificial mound can be easily spotted.

There are great views of all the surrounding mountains, hills and further up Glen Esk. As Mr Mann suggests there are indeed kerbs poking through the turf of the 20 by almost 3 meters high mound. As usual the site has been houked, in the south west this time.

Sadly on the way from The Burn I had a look for the Auchmull cairn which for me led to the 'no trace' description. As for the Waggles, its still waggling away nicely.

Visited 12/7/2016.

The Burn (Kerbed Cairn) — Fieldnotes

From Fettercairn take the B966 west until the sign pointing north indicating Glen Esk. Go past the first minor road, heading east, and pull in shortly afterwards at the crossroads of two estate roads. The road to the west leads to gardens of Burn House. Look for the garden wall, follow the track and where it heads south westish keep going straight on. This will lead to a clearing where two large stones can be seen. These might or might not have anything to do with cairn but it certainly helps finding the site.

Sadly there isn't to much to see here. Intermittent kerbs remain in the much trashed site. Cairn material surrounds the tree which has taken up residence in the middle of the monument. It measures very approximately at 20 meters and is 0.7 meters at its highest. Another site for the 'back in the day' category.

Visited 12/7/2016.

The Burn (Kerbed Cairn) — Images

<b>The Burn</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>The Burn</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>The Burn</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>The Burn</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Tom a Chaisteil (Hillfort) — Fieldnotes

Tom a Chaisteil basically means castle on a hill and this site is on the eastern side of Beinn Mhor (hill not cairn.) From Beinn Mhor cairn we walked eastwards until the small hillock and headed north. By this time the weather was closing in, underfoot conditions were boggy and overhead it had turned very cloudy and wet. Still we plodded north until the wee hill at the side of the big hill came into view. Another single tree, which sits in the middle of the fort on the wee hill, is what to aim for. We squelched past the eastern defences and entered the fort from the north.

The eastern defences/walls have fallen over the side of the cliff. Most of the rest of the circular wall can be seen but it is almost all in a fallen state. We approached from the north but the entrance is in the west. A trench, as mentioned by Canmore, is some 10 meters to the north. Not much remains except for a lonely tree located within the 33 by 31 meters fort. Like Hob we spotted circular features which could possibly have been hut circles. After a good look round, why are places so impressive in the rain and mist!, it was back to plodding across the heather to the forest gate from which we started.

From this gate the eastern cliff can easily be seen to the north west. This is a fantastic place regardless of weather and with that it was back down to the car at Glenbeg, the end of a long, injury free, but brilliant day.

Visited 9/7/2016.

Bell Hillock (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Bell Hillock</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Bell Hillock</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Bell Hillock</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Gallows Hillock (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Gallows Hillock</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Gallows Hillock</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Gallows Hillock</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Gallows Hillock</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Gallows Hillock</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Orkney — News

Fossiled Dung Clue To Secret Lives Of 'Pets' In The Iron Age

Beinn Mhor (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

Big Mountain.

From Grantown On Spey take the A95 heading west and take the first minor road which heads in a north westerly direction. Keep going until the road runs out and it becomes a track. A few hundred yards up the track is Glenbeg hostel/farm which has plenty of parking.

We walked further up the track and kept going in a north westerly direction until it ends. This is fairly steep in bits but nothing to difficult. Also the tracks condition worsens but it is still in pretty good state by the time the forestry gate is reached which also marks the end of the trees and the beginning of the heather. Also by this time the usual recent weather had returned.

For the cairn follow track mainly south over a small hill then head west. Keep heading west over a small hillock, past some clearance cairns in the distance a green patch amongst the heather can be seen. Also look for a single rowan tree.

The cairn still sits at 15 meters wide and is 1 meter high. Unlike its near neighbour at Laggan the cist is situated underneath a jabby bush so no photos, sadly, but it is there. Shelters have been made from cairn stones along with nearby walls. Canmore say no kerbs but I disagree, three seem to survive on the north side. On a clear day this would be a beautiful site, on a foggy, rainy day it is an atmospheric place with Laggan Hills masts looming to the south west.

After some time quite literally soaking up the atmosphere it was time to locate Tom A Chaistiel, to the north.

Visited 9/7/2016.

Reedie (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Reedie</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Reedie</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Reedie</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Reedie</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Reedie</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Waggles (Artificial Mound) — Images

<b>Waggles</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Waggles</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Waggles</b>Posted by drewbhoy
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