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Acholter Standing Stone / Menhir
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Barone Hill Hillfort
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Bicker's Houses Chambered Cairn
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Blackpark Plantation Stone Circle
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Carnbaan Chambered Tomb
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Dunagoil Cliff Fort
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Dunstrone Cliff Fort
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Dun Scalpsie Stone Fort / Dun
4 posts
East Colmac Standing Stone / Menhir
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Ettrick Bay Stone Circle
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Glecknabae Chambered Cairn
14 posts
Glenvoidean Chambered Tomb
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Largizean Stone Row / Alignment
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Scalpsie Barrow Round Barrow(s)
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Scalpsie Cairn Cairn(s)
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St. Michael's Chambered Tomb
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St Ninian's Bay Standing Stones


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Excavation report (.PDF file) relevant to Carnbaan, St Michael's and Glecknabae

There are plans of the sites on pdf pages 13, 20 and 23 respectively
greywether Posted by greywether
9th March 2004ce
Edited 5th September 2007ce

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Barone Hill (Hillfort) — Miscellaneous

This fort, crowning the summit of Barone Hill, possesses a fabulous overview of Bute and must have been of great strategic importance back in the day.

According to Canmore:

"..It comprises the remains of an oval stone wall (enclosing an area 62.0m NE-SW by 42.0m) with an outer stone wall on the W and S whilst rocky precipitopus (sic) slopes form an additional defence on the E.

The oval wall survives on the W and S where it is 3.0m wide and up to 1.0m high with many facing stones in situ but there are only faint traces of it on the E. The entrance, though not apparent, was most probably at the 4.0m gap on the S side, which is now utilized by the modern wall. There is no evidence of the vitrification mentioned by Hewison....." OS (TRG) 23/11/76
14th January 2018ce

Acholter (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Miscellaneous

Drive By - 1.8.16

This small stone can be seen across a couple of fields when driving south along the A884. I couldn't spot the stone when travelling north along the same road.

From a distance the stone only appears to be about 1m in height. It appears to be leaning towards the nearby field fence/hedge.

You would need to negotiate a couple of field fences to get a closer look.
Posted by CARL
2nd August 2016ce

Ettrick Bay (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Visited 1.8.16

Visible from the B875 (south) on Ettrick Bay.

We parked outside a rather run down house and I walked back up the road, hopped over the metal field gate and walked over to the stones. Access to the circle is via a weathered wooden kissing gate. The stones being fenced in for their protection no doubt.

Looking at Mr G's photos a lot of growth has occurred since his visit. The stones were surrounded by tall rough grass. In fact, the two small 'stumps' of stone were only visible once I had trampled the grass down.

To concur with Mr G, I also liked this circle - a lot. The views over to Arran are lovely. I am sure this point wasn't last to the builders of the circle. The 'modern' large old tree now sharing the scene with the stones merely adds to its charm.

Ettrick Bay is a very popular beach destination on Bute (we also liked it - superb views over to Arran - at the risk of repeating myself) and it is well worth paying a visit to this circle at the same time.
Posted by CARL
2nd August 2016ce

East Colmac (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Fieldnotes

Visited 1.8.16

Visible from the B875 (south) on Ettrick Bay.

We parked next to the field gate and I simply hopped over the gate and walked over to the stone. The field had already been harvested so no problems with access.

The stone is about 2m high and has a chunk missing from its shoulder. It looked natural to my untrained eye. Surprisingly enough it didn't have the usual 'hairy' lichen on it you usually find on the Scottish islands. Ettrick Bay stone circle can be seen in the distance, with the sea beyond that. Nice stone.
Posted by CARL
2nd August 2016ce

Glecknabae (Chambered Cairn) — Fieldnotes

Visited 1.8.16

From the delightful Ettrick Bay take the minor road north along the shore. Just before you reach the parking area (where the road narrows) you will see a metal field gate on your right. The chambered cairn is visible from this gate - 2 minute walk away.

It appears I an following in the footsteps of Mr G with these reports. I am sure there are worse people to follow!

I have to disagree with Greywether about this site. I think it is well worth visiting, even if you don't get chance to visit the other sites in the area (like me!).
The surviving cist, in situ, with capstone, makes the trip worthwhile in itself. Once you factor in the superb coastal views over to the mountains of Arran it becomes an obvious place to seek out.

After spending a glorious day on the beach in the warm sunshine (a rarity no doubt) it was a great way to end the day. My last site on Bute before heading back to the mainland. Bute is an easy island to visit and small enough that you could see all the main sites in a day if you so wished. We had two nights which seemed just about right. I also managed to knock another 3 Historic Scotland sites off the list for good measure! :)
Posted by CARL
2nd August 2016ce

Blackpark Plantation (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Visited 1.8.2016

At the southern end of Bute take the minor road south off the A844 near Kingarth. This is signposted for St Blane's Church (Historic Scotland site). You will drive past trees to our left. Take the first turning you come to on your left which leads to a small parking area next to the trees. From the parking area follow the 'path' through the ferns, into the trees, to discover the circle.

There is an information board at the car park showing the circle (and other sites) but the sign from the roadside has fallen down (hence the reason we drove past the parking area - twice!) It is only a 1 minute walk to the stones.

it has to be said, there is something special about seeing standing stones in a woodland setting - even if it is a plantation. The sun was shining brightly but the density of the trees left the circle in a sort of twilight. The first stone you come to has a metal bar helping to keep it standing. It is covered by the wet spongy moss you find in this environment. The other two stones are studded with quartz chips - some quite large. The smallest stone is built into a mound which allows all the stones to be of a similar height. This is something I can't remember seeing before? Was this part of 'restoration work' in the past or is this original? The large stone which has split in two reminds me of the stones forming the Ring of Brodger for some reason.

Either way, this is a cracking site to visit and one I would highly recommend. Once you find the parking area this is a very easy stone circle to access. Enjoy!
Posted by CARL
2nd August 2016ce

Barone Hill (Hillfort) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Barone Hill</b>Posted by GLADMAN<b>Barone Hill</b>Posted by GLADMAN<b>Barone Hill</b>Posted by GLADMAN<b>Barone Hill</b>Posted by GLADMAN GLADMAN Posted by GLADMAN
6th June 2016ce
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