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Know Your Place!

Know Your Place project puts three more counties on the map

Announcing the launch of Know Your Place in Wiltshire, Bath & NE Somerset and Gloucestershire continues...
Chance Posted by Chance
24th October 2016ce

South-West World Heritage Sites join forces for interactive sustainable transport map

For those who enjoy playing with maps and sustainable transport.......

Four of the South-West's most breathtaking nature areas, including the famous Jurrasic Coast, are hoping to make travel to the heritage sites easier than ever with a new website... continues...
moss Posted by moss
8th January 2010ce


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The Wessex Hillforts Project

The Wessex Hillforts Project is an extensive survey of hillforts in central southern England.

The book is compiled by Andrew Payne, Mark Corney and Barry Cunliff and is available in paperback ISBN: 9781873592854.

The publication is now available to download free in PDF format from English Heritage. See above.
Chance Posted by Chance
11th January 2012ce

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Louden Hill (Cairn(s)) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Louden Hill</b>Posted by carol27<b>Louden Hill</b>Posted by carol27 Posted by carol27
15th November 2017ce

Gurnard's Head (Cliff Fort) — Fieldnotes

I think it's taken me this long since our visit to Cornwall yet again, to properly absorb this place. It haunts me. If I'd followed my instincts over the years id have walked the dragons back long before now..only ever viewing it from a car driving past.
Viewing it on tma i knew I'd wasted a lot of time. It was a glorious September day. We walked from the pub. The gently sloping field down to a monster of a place. It is truly monumental. On one side of the cliff roaring raging sea & the other side calm rolling waves. We alternated between being blasted with delicious sea spray & an absolute wind blasting roar to calm white topped rollling waves with seals playing in the swell all in the span of a few metres. Truly amazing. Looking up & down the ridges of this place it appeared to me as a dragons back. I saw what I presumed was a concoction of arranged stones on the way & then thought how could this be a place to inhabit for any time. But sitting & drifting away under the shelter of the uppermost rocks, choosing wether or not to be blasted or becalmed depending on which side of the outcrop i chose was astonishing to me. I know this is presumably a defensive hill fort but this place sent me into a trance with its absolute beauty. It was a particularly balmy day; I'd still tackle it when slippy but be very careful, those spines could be vicious:)
Posted by carol27
15th November 2017ce

Stannon (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Stannon</b>Posted by carol27<b>Stannon</b>Posted by carol27<b>Stannon</b>Posted by carol27 Posted by carol27
13th November 2017ce

Fernacre (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Fernacre</b>Posted by carol27<b>Fernacre</b>Posted by carol27<b>Fernacre</b>Posted by carol27<b>Fernacre</b>Posted by carol27 Posted by carol27
13th November 2017ce
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