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Know Your Place!

Know Your Place project puts three more counties on the map

Announcing the launch of Know Your Place in Wiltshire, Bath & NE Somerset and Gloucestershire continues...
Chance Posted by Chance
24th October 2016ce

South-West World Heritage Sites join forces for interactive sustainable transport map

For those who enjoy playing with maps and sustainable transport.......

Four of the South-West's most breathtaking nature areas, including the famous Jurrasic Coast, are hoping to make travel to the heritage sites easier than ever with a new website... continues...
moss Posted by moss
8th January 2010ce


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The Wessex Hillforts Project

The Wessex Hillforts Project is an extensive survey of hillforts in central southern England.

The book is compiled by Andrew Payne, Mark Corney and Barry Cunliff and is available in paperback ISBN: 9781873592854.

The publication is now available to download free in PDF format from English Heritage. See above.
Chance Posted by Chance
11th January 2012ce

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Stonehenge and its Environs — Links

UNESCO Astronomy and World Heritage Portal

Welcome to the integrated web portal for UNESCO’s Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative, supported by the International Working Group on Astronomy and World Heritage and by the International Astronomical Union through its Commission C4 on World Heritage and Astronomy.

We encourage professional users to register and log in in order to view detailed information, for example on preparing a nomination dossier.

UNESCO’s Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative exists to raise awareness of the importance of astronomical heritage worldwide and to facilitate efforts to identify, protect and preserve such heritage for the benefit of humankind, both now and in the future.
Chance Posted by Chance
15th January 2017ce

Stonehenge and its Environs — News

Highways England A303 consulation

Lots of paperwork here:
thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
15th January 2017ce

Cherhill Down and Oldbury (Hillfort) — Fieldnotes

I called here on my way to my parents near Swindon and hadn’t been here for more than 20 years prior to this. It’s very easy to locate owing to the Lansdowne Monument, a 38m stone obelisk on Cherhill Down visible from both the A4 and the A361. Because of its proximity to Avebury, Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow, et al., the area is littered with sites from the Neolithic to the Iron Age and also includes more recent works like the white horse cut in 1780. I parked at the run off East of the hill fort in what must have been the Old Bath Road before it was metalled and straightened somewhat and made my way past the gallops and up towards the top of the Down. The path isn’t very obvious from this direction, but you do get to see a lot of earthworks which may, or may not, be connected with the hill fort. Some may be hut circles or animal pens, others might be dew ponds or slightly unambitious chalk quarries. Reaching the South East corner (it’s not round!) of the hill fort you get great views of the surrounding hills to the South and West including the linear Bronze Age barrow groups on Morgans Hill and also an impression of the scale of the mighty banks and ditches of the fort itself. Early evening is almost always the best time to visit these kind of sites, particularly if you have low raking sunlight. It brings out the best definition and colour in the landscape and makes it almost heartbreakingly beautiful and, for me, tinged with nostalgia. Moving around the earthworks in a clockwise direction you come past the Lansdowne Monument and get a good view of the long barrow, the oldest element in the vicinity, standing on a slight promontory just below it. By this time it’s becoming clear that the Western horizon is filling with rain clouds and so I head North East again taking in the white horse and then exit via the hill fort’s Eastern opening descending back towards the A4. As you get to the bottom of this track you’ll notice a fine barrow in the corner of a field (Cherhill 4 - not very romantic is it?) and if you turn right you’re back on the Old Bath Road track which is where the parking place is. By now the weather was going into overdrive and though the torrential downpour I’d been anticipating hadn’t yet materialised, the sky was now leaden and a fantastic rainbow appeared at the end of the track urging me onwards. Before you get to the parking spot there’s another large barrow right beside the track which, although I didn’t notice at the time, has a World War Two bunker built into the North side of it. This makes strategic sense in terms of the now disused Yatesbury airfield just the other side of the A4. I reach my car just in the nick of time as the raindrops descend. What luck! What weather! What poetry! A R Cane Posted by A R Cane
13th January 2017ce

Cherhill Down and Oldbury (Hillfort) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Cherhill Down and Oldbury</b>Posted by A R Cane<b>Cherhill Down and Oldbury</b>Posted by A R Cane<b>Cherhill Down and Oldbury</b>Posted by A R Cane<b>Cherhill Down and Oldbury</b>Posted by A R Cane<b>Cherhill Down and Oldbury</b>Posted by A R Cane<b>Cherhill Down and Oldbury</b>Posted by A R Cane A R Cane Posted by A R Cane
13th January 2017ce

Cherhill 4 (Round Barrow(s)) — Images

<b>Cherhill 4</b>Posted by A R Cane A R Cane Posted by A R Cane
13th January 2017ce
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