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Great Orme and its Environs

<b>Great Orme and its Environs</b>Posted by goffikImage © Graham Orriss
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"Blodwen" comes home!

The 5,000 yr old skeleton found on the Little Orme by quarrymen 123 yrs ago finally comes home to Llandudno and will be the centre of a major exhibition in April.
Posted by JohnAko
17th February 2015ce
Edited 18th February 2015ce

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<b>Great Orme and its Environs</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Great Orme and its Environs</b>Posted by goffik


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A bit of Great Orme insanity (which gives a taste of the terrain):
This mountain appearing, at a distance, like a rock in the sea, is a peninsular, nearly circular, about four miles in circumference[..]

.. [the precipice] is some hundred yards above the [sea], and in many places is almost perpendicular, against which the sea is always beating, making a hideous noise, so that it is really shocking to be near the declivity [..]

We left our horses at one of the cottages under the mount, and ascended the hill on foot, which is about a mile to the top; to have rode up was impracticable. We marched on, sometimes over barren rocks, and rubbish out of the copper mines, which lies there in great plenty [..]

By this time we were got very near the summit, which was very steep, but covered with the same green turf [very lush, and which supports the 'sweetest mutton in Wales'] [..] Being arrived at the top of the hill or highest point of the Peninsula, we sat down to refresh ourselves, being a little fatigued with clambering up. We had rum and fruit in our pockets [..]

It remained to know the most expeditious way to descend, which was this-- we lay flat on our backs, and slided down at a great rate; the natives have a more expeditious way than this. When they have a mind to descend a mountain with speed, they fix their backs upon a flat kind of stone, holding the forepart fast with both the hands, betwixt the legs; then giving a spring, away they go, at the rate of a mile in a minute or more, according as the descent is. This is called "riding the stone-horse."
p74 in 'Notes of Family Excursions in North Wales', by J. O. Halliwell, 1860. Online at Google Books
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
23rd July 2007ce
Edited 23rd July 2007ce

I've not yet visited the Great Orme, but according to Gwynedd Archaeological Trust records there's a prehistoric hut circle north of Pyllau Road (SH77258305). I've no idea what kind of access there is to the site, or how much evidence remains on the ground.

There are two other possible hut circles to the south east (one at SH77498300 and the other at SH77358321). One of these looks like it has a public footpath running past it.
Kammer Posted by Kammer
15th January 2003ce
Edited 7th March 2006ce

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Great Orme Mine (Ancient Mine / Quarry) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Great Orme Mine</b>Posted by postman<b>Great Orme Mine</b>Posted by postman<b>Great Orme Mine</b>Posted by postman<b>Great Orme Mine</b>Posted by postman<b>Great Orme Mine</b>Posted by postman<b>Great Orme Mine</b>Posted by postman<b>Great Orme Mine</b>Posted by postman<b>Great Orme Mine</b>Posted by postman postman Posted by postman
21st June 2016ce

Great Orme's Head (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

What a thoroughly and absolutely beautiful place.

Llandudno is, as you can guess quite a large town mainly because of the tourist trade, but it hasn't suffered like Rhyl or Blackpool, it's still a very nice place. But if even if the nicest town in Wales is too much town for you then the Great Ormes head cairn is as far away from the town as possible whilst still being technically in Llandudno. You can walk, drive, tram or fly through the air with the greatest of ease to within about half a mile from this wonderfully situated cairn.
It was so nice that when we were there a couple were doing Tai Chi, or perhaps it was the modern Klingon equivalent either way they looked a bit daft, but not as daft as thirty of them at a retreat on the edge of town.
No? I guess you had to be there.

The cairn can be found at a ninety degree turn of the wall right by the footpath, the mound is twice as large than the spread of stone upon it, I may have spotted the arc of kerb stones, it might not be though. I wondered what the large scoop was next to the cairn, it's not in the cairn, it's next to it, material taken for the cairn possibly, if the cairn was supposed to be viewed from across the estuary around Tal y Fan where there were many things going on in the Bronze age, then the little quarry would be hidden behind the cairn. I dunno i'm just ruminating, perhaps its the grave of the guy who had the stone rows built. Who knows.
Back to that amazing view, north is the open sea, left is Puffin Island and Angelsey, the Straits, then a lot of mountains, which then sink into the river Conway where nestles one of the best castles in Britain. It was so nice that one could go for a bit of Mok'bara.
postman Posted by postman
19th June 2016ce

Free Trade Loaf (Natural Rock Feature) — Fieldnotes

Well this is a mysterious place isn't it, who gave it the name? did he think he was being funny? who knows? looking at the Welsh language I don't think they do funny. Which leads me to wonder why it hasn't got a Welsh name, did an Englishman give it the name?

Why hasn't the site page got a more exact grid ref SH7684 isn't as precise as some TMA'ers would appreciate, though all that's missing is zeroes so perhaps that's it, SH76008400 is what coflein would perhaps give, but that's actually the grid reference for a supposed standing stone, which is wrong anyway that stone is several hundred meters away and not visible from the bloomer, sorry free trade loaf.....really?
See, mysterious.

On a more surer ground, the site is a superb location, high and dry with short grass, there are many rocks upon the plateau one of which is Coflein'd to the level of standing stone, and the Irish sea fades off into the distance, it's very nice in the sun reminding me of Scilly or some such lands endy type place. On top of the Orme it isn't as pretty as it once was, i'm guessing though cause it's not changed for about thirty years, apart from the Copper mine that is.
postman Posted by postman
19th June 2016ce
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