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Ancient Quernhow monument commemorated

Lost but not forgotten....

A BRONZE Age monument has been commemorated after a long-running campaign.

The 4,000-year-old Quernhow burial mound, which was obliterated by the upgrading of the A1(M), has been marked with a plaque and stone by the Quernhow Café, near Ainderby Quernhow, by the Highways Agency... continues...
moss Posted by moss
22nd November 2012ce

New Walking Trail of Ilkley Moor's Rock Art

The Friends of Ilkley Moor have launched a Cup and Ring Stone GPS (global positioning system) trail so that owners of GPS systems, including the latest mobile phones, can find them.
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
22nd September 2012ce
Edited 22nd September 2012ce

'Don't desecrate the chieftain's grave'

Article in the 'Craven Herald & Pioneer'- March 23 2009

Modern cairns built by Dales hikers will be dismantled this weekend under plans to preserve a Bronze Age chieftain's burial site... continues...
caealun Posted by caealun
23rd March 2009ce
Edited 24th March 2009ce

Barrows, Bones and Bunkers!

Tees Archaeology Dayschool 2006

The Conference Centre, Ebsworth Building, University of Durham, Stockton Campus

Saturday 4th November 2006
10.15am - 4.15pm

Topics will include
Rock Art in Cleveland and North East Yorkshire:context and chronology... continues...
fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
19th September 2006ce
Edited 19th September 2006ce

Gristhorpe Man 'was Bronze Age warrior chieftain'

From The Telegraph's website
Gristhorpe Man, who was found buried in a tree trunk in the 19th century, has been identified as a Bronze Age warrior chieftain by archaeologists.

The skeleton of Gristhorpe Man, excavated near Scarborough in 1834... continues...
Hob Posted by Hob
7th September 2006ce
Edited 7th September 2006ce

The historic environment of the Yorkshire Dales

A day school organised by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority in association with the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, 10am–4:30pm at Grassington Town Hall, Grassington. The Yorkshire Dales have some of the best preserved and extensive historic landscapes in the country... continues...
fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
6th February 2006ce
Edited 8th February 2006ce

Ancient artists who made their mark on our landscape

From Yorkshire Post today
9th January 2006

Stone Age rock carvings in Yorkshire have provided a fascinating glimpse into life 4,000 years ago

Whether their intricate designs are maps, religious symbols or simply an early form of graffiti, Stone Age rock carvings are seen as invaluable to unlocking secrets of c... continues...
Jane Posted by Jane
9th January 2006ce
Edited 10th January 2006ce

Neolithic Skull found on beach
fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
30th December 2005ce

Ancient man's lost secrets on test

Technology from the 21st century will be used to unlock the past to one of Yorkshire's most important archaeological finds from the Bronze Age... continues...
fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
14th December 2005ce
Edited 14th December 2005ce

A 6,000-year Dales story of ritual and cannibalism...

From the Yorkshire post:

"They roamed the earth almost 6,000 years ago, performing rituals on animal remains and devouring human body parts.
But these are not the strange creatures of film or fiction – they were farmers in the Yorkshire Dales... continues...
Hob Posted by Hob
11th October 2005ce

First road map to put the region's historic assets on track

English Heritage 205/06/05
8th June 2005

A blueprint to revitalise the historic environment in Yorkshire and
the Humber, putting it at the centre of regeneration, is unveiled
today (Thursday 9 June)... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
9th June 2005ce
Edited 9th June 2005ce

Iron Age house replica for Ryedale Folk Museum

A replica of an Iron Age house used by the first settlers in Ryedale is set to be built by young offenders in the grounds of Ryedale Folk Museum at Hutton-le-Hole.

The venture, which is expected to cost £25,000, will see the 10-metre long house become a major new attraction at the popular museum, says curator Mike Benson... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
19th May 2005ce

Ancient Chariot Excites Experts

From an article published on the BBC News web site on 9th February 2005:
A chariot burial site uncovered in West Yorkshire could be the final resting place of one of Britain's ancient tribal leaders, archaeologists say... continues...
Kammer Posted by Kammer
11th March 2005ce
Edited 11th March 2005ce

Country 'waking up' to Thornborough henges threat

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to safeguard the Thornborough Henges say the country is "waking up" to the threat facing the nationally important site near Ripon... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
4th September 2004ce
Edited 11th March 2005ce

Upcoming Exhibition on Modern Views of Rock Art


An exhibition to explore perceptions of prehistoric rock art, time and landscapes in Britain.

Ilkley Manor House Museum
25th September to 21st November

This exhibition aims to explore what prehistoric rock art, its time-depth and its landscapes mean to us today... continues...
Kozmik_Ken Posted by Kozmik_Ken
27th May 2004ce

Why did Iron Age Man go off Fish?

Fragments of femur excavated from an Iron Age burial site in east Yorkshire (England) have been analyzed by the department of archaeological sciences at Bradford University. For scientists, bones such as these contain a key piece of information about ancient societies: what people ate... continues...
Kozmik_Ken Posted by Kozmik_Ken
19th January 2004ce
Edited 19th January 2004ce

Walker Finds Neolithic Axe in Yorkshire

An eagle-eyed walker's stroll in English countryside has turned up a piece of history going back at least 3000 years. Michael Lowsley was on one of his regular walks through the picturesque Crimple Valley when an object sticking from the soil suddenly stopped him in his tracks. "I thought straight away it looked interesting... continues...
Kozmik_Ken Posted by Kozmik_Ken
12th January 2004ce
Edited 12th January 2004ce

Celtic Coins on Display in Yorkshire

The tiny gold Celtic coins are the latest in a series of finds that are becoming more common since metal detectorists and archeologists started working together.

And they were used by the same tribe whose chariot burials have fascinated the public in recent months... continues...
Jane Posted by Jane
20th December 2003ce
Edited 22nd December 2003ce

(Another) Archaeological Site At Risk

One of Britain's most important archaeological finds is under threat - from North Yorkshire potato farmers.

Scientists have discovered a vast area of buried buildings and villages spanning 6,000 years, under fields at West Heslerton, near Malton in North Yorkshire.

Read whole story here...
Jane Posted by Jane
16th November 2003ce
Edited 17th November 2003ce

Second 'sacrifice' found at Kettlewell

further to fitzcoraldo's news at

another child burial has been found at the site. Pebbles had been placed at their head and feet.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
13th June 2003ce


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'In ley and ham and hill and ton,
Many Old English placenames run,
But beck and kirk and by of course,
Arrive in Yorkshire from Old Norse'.
fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
11th August 2004ce


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The Valley of the First Iron Masters

Website about the valley of the River Foulness in East Yorkshire since the Old Stone Age - but mostly about Iron Age times, when it was home to one of Britain's oldest and largest prehistoric iron industries. You can choose the depth of information you want (basic/intermediate/research) on the front page.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
25th August 2005ce

The Standing Stones of the North York Moors

A pretty comprehensive list of many of the better known NYM stones including boundary stones & crosses.
Hopefully the author will develop this site to include a lot more pictures & information
fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
9th March 2004ce

Yorkshire Rock Art

Graeme C presents a wealth of information and photos of rock carvings in Yorkshire and elsewhere.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
10th July 2002ce
Edited 12th January 2003ce

Holistic Fraternity

Dedicated to saving a Neolithic double-ditch henge in South Yorkshire. Lots of photos & link to Stone Circle webring.
Posted by Kathy_Holliday
6th August 2000ce
Edited 12th January 2003ce

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Thornborough Henge South — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Thornborough Henge South</b>Posted by harestonesdown harestonesdown Posted by harestonesdown
19th September 2017ce

Thornborough Henge North — Images

<b>Thornborough Henge North</b>Posted by harestonesdown<b>Thornborough Henge North</b>Posted by harestonesdown harestonesdown Posted by harestonesdown
19th September 2017ce

The Thornborough Henges — Fieldnotes

Just spent three nights here for the Mabon celebrations. Rituals aren't really my thing but camping besides an henge with two others in close proximity definitely is.

I'm not sure what the situation has been in the past but at the moment you cant walk the direct route between all three henges, the way from the central henge to the north henge is private property, the field contains an house, big disappointment. On a more positive note you can easily walk from the central henge to the southern one, though you do have to cross a small lane.

If you want to visit the northern henge (you really should, it's easily the best imo) then it's quite straight forward.
From within the central henge leave by the gate facing the southern entrance, as if you we're heading for the southern henge but turn right and walk along the lane a short while, 300 metres-ish and take the first possible right (on foot) up a narrow path that's rather overgrown (atm) with sloe berries, stay on it till you meet the road. Cross the road and follow the other lane till you are almost at the point where it dog legs, dip through the hedge here (on your right) and you're in the northern henge.
It's well worth the effort. ;)
harestonesdown Posted by harestonesdown
19th September 2017ce

Crown End, Westerdale (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork) — Links

The Smell of Water - Crown End

fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
16th August 2017ce

Garrowby Hill Top and Garrowby Wold (Round Barrow(s)) — Miscellaneous

The other nearby barrows are Cot Nab Farm SE813567 and South Wold Farm SE821570. None of which I could see during a 'drive by' due to the hedge and the fields being in crop (wheat) Posted by CARL
8th August 2017ce

Kitty Hill (Round Barrow(s)) — Miscellaneous

Drive by

A short distance east of Stamford Bridge along the A166.

Despite EH reporting that this barrow is 2.5m high by 26m in diameter I couldn't spot it due to the hedgerow. Time prevented me from stopping for a proper look.
Posted by CARL
8th August 2017ce

Skipsea Castle (Artificial Mound) — Fieldnotes

Visited 5.8.17

In the village of Skipsea. Signposted as it is an English Heritage site. You can park near the field gate which gives access to the site. You walk across a field and then through a second gate. The field had a herd of cows in it.

My main reason for visiting was to knock off another English Heritage site. I have been to many motte and bialy castles over the years but this is one of the most impressive. Both the motte and bails are very large. The views from the top of the motte are impressive over the surrounding flat countryside. I would heartily recommend visiting the site - just watch out for the cow pats!
Posted by CARL
7th August 2017ce

Pockley Gates (Round Barrow(s)) — Miscellaneous

Drive by

A short distance east of Hensley along the A170

As per the nearby Low Common barrows I couldn't see any sign of the barrows due to the hedge and the field being in crop. The A170 is a very busy road and parking is problematic at best. Perhaps it would be easier to spot the barrows in the winter?
Posted by CARL
6th August 2017ce

Low Common (Round Barrow(s)) — Miscellaneous

Drive by 31.7.17

On the northern side of the A170, west of Pickering.

Due to the hedges and the fact the field was in crop I could see no sign of the three barrows my OS map shows are here. EH have nothing to add on the subject.
Posted by CARL
6th August 2017ce
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