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Beeley Moor

<b>Beeley Moor</b>Posted by stubobBeeley Warren ?? © stubob
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Harland Edge (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

Pics don't do this site any justice, so i'm not going to post any. just visit if you can, it's well worth the trek through the heather. There's also abundant inter-visibility going on.
Stunning and weird little site. There's nothing else like it in the area, or anywhere i know of.
harestonesdown Posted by harestonesdown
3rd June 2016ce

Hob Hurst's House (Burial Chamber) — Fieldnotes

Very bitter sweet visit today. My last visit was with stubob. Good company kept my spirits up though, and searching for the weird "banana" cairn along Harland edge. That's a very strange site indeed. Glad i made the effort to push on as we debated turning back twice.

As for HHH it was looking fine today. No rubbish laying around, no offerings etc bar a couple of flowers. There is a geocache in one of the corners, not that i mind of course, suppose it gets people to the site that wouldn't normally visit. :)
harestonesdown Posted by harestonesdown
29th May 2016ce

Park Gate Stone Circle — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Park Gate Stone Circle</b>Posted by stubob stubob Posted by stubob
4th February 2015ce

Park Gate Stone Circle — Fieldnotes

Visited 2.5.14

Follow the track that skirts the edge of Hell Bank Plantation.
Where the track turns sharply to the south-west a ‘path’ continues to the north-west. Here you will find a small wooden sign pointing to Hob Hurst’s House or to Robin Hood’s House. Take the path towards Robin Hood’s House. As the path takes a slight turn to the right come off the path and head to the right (east). Although the circle can’t be seen from the path you shouldn’t have too much difficulty spotting it.

The walk only takes about 15 minutes from where you park the car.

The stone circle is actually quite circular! The circle is about 8m in diameter.
Nearly all of the stones have fallen. One is leaning at an accute angle and only one is upright. This stone is about 1m high.

In the centre of the circle are lots of large stones.
The surroundings are of bleak (in a nice way) open moorland with good views.

I liked this stone circle (much better than Wet Withens!) and would highly recommend a look when visiting the more famous nearby Hob Hurst’s House.

Despite the fact that several cars were parked up I saw no one else at either site.
Posted by CARL
7th May 2014ce

Beeley Warren (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

Visited 2.5.14

Although the moor is covered in knee/waist high heather this Cairn is easy to spot for two reasons.
Firstly it is quite large and secondly it is right next to the track skirting Hell Bank Plantation. This is the track you take when visiting Hob Hurst’s House / Park Gate stone circle.

The Cairn is also covered in heather but its size gives its location away.
I did not spot any of the other nearby Cairns – although to be fair I wasn’t going out of my way to look for them!

Worth a quick look when passing when visiting the other sites
Posted by CARL
7th May 2014ce

Hob Hurst's House (Burial Chamber) — Fieldnotes

Visited 2.5.14

Following the difficulty I experienced in finding the Wet Withens stone circle I approached the visit to Hob Hurst’s House with a little trepidation. As this is an E.H. site I did not want to fail to find this one! As it turned out there was no need to worry as this site is very much easier to find and to access.

Rather than make directly for Hob Hurst’s House I chose to go via the Park Gate stone circle. I would certainly recommend this route as the walk takes about the same time, has a clear ‘path’ to follow and of course takes in an extra site – two for the price of one!

As before, I suggested the children stay with Karen as I think they are still a bit young for open moorland type walks. In hindsight Dafydd would have been ok for this visit.

I walked along the track which skirts the edge of the cheerfully named Hell Bank Plantation (actually quite pleasant), passing the Beeley Warren Cairn on the way. Where the track turns sharply to the south-west a ‘path’ continues to the north-west. Here you will find a small wooden sign pointing to Hob Hurst’s House (north) or to Robin Hood’s House (north-west along the path). Is Robin Hood’s House another name for Park Gate stone circle?

I carried along the path and shortly came to the stone circle (see other fieldnotes).
From the stone circle there were tyre tracks leading north towards the trees next to Hob Hurst’s House. I followed the tyre tracks and re-joined a ‘path’ near a small wooden walkway over a burn. The path continued north running parallel to the trees, up an incline. When you get to the highest point you will see a tall white metal pole which is painted red on top. Walk to the pole and you will then see Hob Hurst’s House to your right – behind a protective fence. This is crossed via a stile.

Reading previous fieldnotes I wasn’t expecting too much from this site but (probably because my expectation levels were so low) I was pleasantly surprised. The site occupies a prominent position on a ridge affording decent views. Hob’s House isn’t very big but it is in pretty good condition. The bank/ditch has been thankfully kept free of the ever invasive heather. The edges of the site have been marked out with small concrete posts.

The information board states this site was one of the first monuments to be taken into state care in 1882. I was surprised that such a small and remote site would have been one of the first to be protected.

I sat inside the inner depression (out of the wind) to write my fieldnotes and contemplated for a while. I knew I couldn’t be too long as the others had already been waiting a long time for me. The outer ditch is about 1.5m deep and the inner depression about 0.5m deep. The inner depression is lined with stones.

I headed back the way I had come but once I reached the little wooden footbridge I took the path south back to the car instead of the path west to the stone circle.

It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the car to the stone circle and then another 15 minutes from the circle to Hob Hurst’s House. If you walked direct to Hob Hurst’s House it would take about the same time – 30 minutes each way.

I was very pleased to have knocked this E.H. site off the list as it is one of the most awkward to visit. I think Hob Hurst’s House is well worth the effort.
Posted by CARL
7th May 2014ce

Harland Edge (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

[visited 11/13] Out for a birthday sojourn, my actual target was the possible cup marks nearby, but it seemed churlish to ignore this so close to them. Getting here isn't the easiest, I settled for a 20 minute trek through the heathery bog across Harland Sick from Hell Bank plantation. Not that easy but ok this late in the year. When I finally got here, it was well worth the effort.

What a weird weird site. The peaks does have a habit of unusual sites, hob hurst's house being a km or so away, but this one may take the biscuit. From what I could tell on the ground and the HER, its basically two mounds separated by an open passage at both ends, including portal stones. I don't know how much is left here, mounds of rocks are nearby, so this could be the bottom metre only, with the passage perhaps originally being covered turning this into one mound. All in all odd, I'll try and get back here once I've found and read more reports on it...

Access is across open moorland for a km at least. The way straight across the moor from Hell Bank is easier than from Hob Hurst's house, but still painfully awkward.
juamei Posted by juamei
14th January 2014ce

Bunkers Hill Plantation (Cave / Rock Shelter) — Images

<b>Bunkers Hill Plantation</b>Posted by stubob stubob Posted by stubob
14th March 2013ce

Harland Edge (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Harland Edge</b>Posted by stubob<b>Harland Edge</b>Posted by stubob stubob Posted by stubob
7th February 2013ce
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