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Bawd Stone Natural Rock Feature
2 posts
Beeston Tor Cave Cave / Rock Shelter
3 posts
Berry Ring Hillfort
Berth Hill Hillfort
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Bishop's Wood Hillfort Promontory Fort
1 post
Blake Low Round Barrow(s)
The Boltstone Standing Stone / Menhir (Destroyed)
2 posts
The Boxes Round Barrow(s)
1 post
Brownlow Round Barrow(s)
3 posts
Brund Low Round Barrow(s)
1 post
Bunbury Hillfort Hillfort
2 posts
Bury Bank Hillfort
3 posts
Calton Round Barrow(s)
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Calwich Low Round Barrow(s)
12 posts
Castle Ring Hillfort
2 posts
Cat Low, Dilhorne Round Barrow(s)
2 posts
Cauldon Lowe Round Barrow(s)
27 posts
The Devil's Ring and Finger Standing Stones
4 posts
Dun Low Round Barrow(s)
13 posts
Gawton's Stone Natural Rock Feature
7 posts
Gawton's Well Sacred Well
2 posts
Gratton Hill Round Barrow(s)
3 posts
Grub Low Round Barrow(s)
11 posts
Gun Hill Standing Stone / Menhir
5 posts
Hanging Bank, Ecton Hill Round Barrow(s)
3 posts
Hazelton Clump Round Barrow(s)
3 posts
King's Low and Queen's Low Round Barrow(s)
2 posts
Kinver Camp Hillfort
6 posts
Leekfrith Round Barrow(s)
1 post
Little Onn Natural Rock Feature
25 posts
Long Low Bank Barrow
40 posts
Lud's Church Natural Rock Feature
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14 sites
Manifold Valley Caves Cave / Rock Shelter
1 post
Mayfield Round Barrow(s)
3 posts
Merryton Low I Round Barrow(s)
1 post
Merryton Low II Round Barrow(s)
5 posts
Milford Round Barrow Round Barrow(s)
4 posts
2 sites
Musden Low Round Barrow(s)
5 posts
Narrowdale Hill Round Barrow(s)
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Norbury Round Barrow(s)
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Over Low Cairn(s)
17 posts
Pea Low Chambered Cairn
7 posts
Ramshorn Farm Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art
1 post
The Roundabout Round Barrow(s)
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Roylow Round Barrow(s)
1 post
Saxons' Lowe Round Barrow(s)
2 posts
Stanshope Pasture Round Barrow(s)
3 posts
Stanton Dale Barrows Round Barrow(s)
2 posts
Steep Low Cairn(s)
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Swinscoe Round Barrow(s)
5 posts
Sycamore Cave Cave / Rock Shelter
4 posts
Thorswood Barrow / Cairn Cemetery
7 posts
Top Low and Net Low Round Barrow(s)
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Town Low Round Barrow(s)
2 posts
Warslow Round Barrow(s)
8 posts
Waterfall Low Round Barrow(s)
12 posts
Weaver Hills Barrow / Cairn Cemetery
11 posts
Webb Stone Standing Stone / Menhir
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1 site
Wetton Hill Round Barrow(s)
3 posts
Wetton Low Cairn(s)
Sites of disputed antiquity:
3 posts
The Auctioneers Mound Round Barrow(s)


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Detectorists strike gold in Staffordshire field

https://www.theguardian... continues...
tjj Posted by tjj
28th February 2017ce

Archaeologists praise 'eagle-eyed' contractor

Peak District National Park archaeologists have praised a contractor working on a major footpath restoration scheme in North Staffordshire after he discovered a previously unknown Bronze Age burial site... continues...
BrownEdger Posted by BrownEdger
3rd September 2015ce
Edited 3rd September 2015ce

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Lud's Church (Natural Rock Feature) — Folklore

... One comes unexpectedly to Lud Church entrance at which, on payment of threepence, with a reduction for quantity, in this case numbers, one passes through a rough wooden gate to the right and down worn steps into a long narrow chasm whose rocky sides vary between 30 and 50 feet in height.

The dank, damp air, moss-grown boulders, and air of desolation, produce an eerie atmosphere which is borne out by the history of this place. A ship's figurehead fixed high up in the rocks and known as the statue of Alice de Lud-Auk, or our lady of Lud, but in spite of the owners collecting dues from visitors this statue now lies merely a shapeless piece of wood on the floor of the defile.
So a part of history lies uncared for and some of us would wish that something had been done to preserve this most interesting feature.

Lud Church is also known as Traffords Leap because one Squire Trafford of Swythamley Hall, whilst hunting one day found himself on the brink of the chasm without opportunity of turning his horse and to save his life he made his horse leap across. Several hounds were killed as they failed to clear the cleft and fell upon the rocks below.

A popular superstition or legend avers that the redoubtable Friar Tuck here conducted services for Robin Hood and his merry men and it is certain that Lud Church has afforded sanctuary for outlaws and criminals.

It is also established that some of the Lollards held services and meetings for worship here during the persecutions of the reign of Henry V. At the upper end of the cleft is a cave which was used for those services of the Lollards, whose leader was Walter de Lud-Auk, and the story goes that soldiers surprised them during one of their meetings and attempted to fight their way into the cave.

Whilst the soldiers were being held at bay by Montair - a member of the sect - the rest tried to escape from the other end of the cleft. In this engagement, Alice, the beautiful daughter of Walter de Lud-Auk was shot by a bolt from a crossbow aimed by a soldier at Montair. Montair escaped to France and the rest of the Lollards were arrested. Walter de Lud-Auk died in prison.

The wooden effigy which used to commemorate Alice is said to have been the figurehead from a ship named "Swythamley" after the estate in which Lud Church is situated, which was taken after the ship was wrecked and erected in Lud Church in 1860.

Still another story claims that the figure represents Alice Lud who was shot by soldiers when they surprised a meeting of Luddites. Alice Lud was the leader of a band who met in Lud Church to make their decisions.

There have been attempts to explore the cave in which the meetings were held but falling stones have prevented any definite conclusion. The cave is estimated to have been 200 yards long and 100 yards deep.

[...] And just one more story, about Bonny Prince Charlie. The Prince had become separated from his army owing to a delay at Manchester, and was hurrying across the moors to meet his army which was expected to be below the Roches. Darkness had fallen when he reached Swythamley and so he and his bodyguard decided to sleep in Lud Church. Waking early next morning Prince Charlie was surprised to find a beautiful girl watching him. The girl ran away as soon as she saw he had woken but, when later he made a thorough search of the cleft, he discovered to his great delight that she was Flora MacDonald who had disguised herself as a member of his bodyguard in order to be near him.
From a piece in the Sheffield Independent, 30th September 1938.
Visitors to Buxton are respectfully informed that E. ROBINSON, Dane Cottage, Quarnford, has permission from the owner, P. Brocklehurst, Esq. of Swithamley Hall, to SHOW LUDCHURCH. Refreshments may be had at the Cottage.

Buxton Advertiser. 8th September 1875.
LUDCHURCH. Tourists can be provided (Sundays excepted) with TEA, &c.; also with Milk, at the Manor Farm, Quarnford. Good Stabling.

Buxton Advertiser. 25th September 1880.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
27th June 2017ce

Lud's Church (Natural Rock Feature) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Lud's Church</b>Posted by Rhiannon Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
16th December 2016ce

Pea Low (Chambered Cairn) — Fieldnotes

[visited 4/12/16] My what a beast this is. has this as an oversized bowl barrow akin to the much smaller mounds on the hills to the north and west, I disagree entirely. This is surely one of the neolithic round cairns that dot the landscape of the southern white peak.

Its lovely here on a cold sunny winters day with low light spreading the shadows. The two pits are clear as are the original quarry pits in the surrounding fields. Its placement in the landscape is suggestive of a different purpose to the cairns on the steep hills nearby, this one much closer to the valleys and the water sources, not so much a statement to the gods but a usable monument for the everyday folk.

Access is ok. About 15-20 minutes walk from Alstonfield over muddy fields.
juamei Posted by juamei
5th December 2016ce

Lud's Church (Natural Rock Feature) — Images

<b>Lud's Church</b>Posted by Rhiannon Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
23rd November 2016ce

Elderbush Cave (Cave / Rock Shelter) — Fieldnotes

The entrance to this cave is getting a bit overgrown, there's lots of dead wood and a fire pit mar the extreme beauty within, so after a bit of a tidy up I take to photographing this apparently small cave.
The cave has a smaller cave at the back, but it is a short dead end. Another smaller grotto goes into the right wall, but it is an even shorter dead end. The left wall of the main chamber kind of resembles elephant teeth, between one of the teeth is a small passage, crouching low I waddle inwards, as the passage turns right it goes over a step and I'm able to stand up. The walls have red stuff running down them, the bleeding heart of Elderbush cave it's like i'm in a living beast. Then the battery went in my camera and I'm entombed in darkness, after a short but intense freak out I put my clothes back on and wriggle free of the small tight space, blinking in the bright light in the main chamber, I try to coax my camera into a few more pictures but it's well and truly dead, not pining for the Fjords, just dead.

I'd need about a dozen pictures to convey the wonderful loveliness in this cave, it is everything Tolkien would have liked, as well as the elves themselves, I can imagine sitting in this cave, fully clothed, just as the sinking sun poured it's magical embrace all over us, I'd really like that I think.

Ps, I never take my clothes off at ancient places, I've thought about it, but never have, don't be scared.
postman Posted by postman
2nd October 2016ce

Seven Ways Cave (Cave / Rock Shelter) — Fieldnotes

From the entrance of Thors cave follow the path up round the back and up to the top of the Tor, so the cave is directly below you, after admiring the view up and down the wooded Manifold valley, go left, right on the edge of the cliff is this fast getting overgrown cave.
A rather odd name, don't you think? seven ways what, into the cave or steaming fish?
The entrance to the cave today is through the large collapsed wide open area, once your in there, theres three arches through which to observe the sun not doing anything in particular. 180 degrees from the three arches the cave continues to go back for a while, it's not a big one, compared to Thor's cave it is but a slight depression.
Dont stay too long or you might not have enough time to explore Elderbush cave, one of the best places in all of England.
postman Posted by postman
2nd October 2016ce

Thor's Cave (Cave / Rock Shelter) — Fieldnotes

It wasn't easy getting to the car park South of the caves, a diversion took me round Alstonefield, I got all turned round and my mind seemed to melt, getting there was a fairly hit and miss episode, but get there I did, eventually.
I followed the river Manifold for about a mile during one of it's disappearing underground tricks, there's one quite cool thing to see already, then the huge rocky tor comes into view and ones gaze is thrust upwards, it's a long way up.
Crossing a now rather defunct bridge the path goes upwards through the woods, taking a right hand turn I am only guessing which way to go, it's been at least decade since I was last here. Suddenly I realise I'm getting very close, and then I'm there, thankfully I was the only one present.
I carefully scramble up the entrance to the cave and learn early on how slippy it is in there, imagine a cartoon character suddenly finding themselves on ice, how I remained vertical I'll never know, perhaps it's 'cause I'm a big fan of everything Asgardian.
First I go over to the big crack in the right hand wall, it is apparently a serviceable entrance/exit to the cave but you need to have the skills of a snow leopard mountain goat, my skills barely approach those of a long legged bird, or something else totally without balance. I call this crack the suicide exit. Turning 180 degrees the cave splits in two, Thors nostrils Stubob called them, I see no reason not carry on this simile. So I slip and skip off up the left nostril, the simile carries on once inside, the floor is covered in a lubricious muddy clay.
There are gaps in the cave wall where you can see into the other nostril, the feeling is one of being in a cathedral, so I did what I always do in a cathedral, I took all my clothes off and writhed around on the floor speaking in tongues.
No, of course not.
The right nostril was just as slick, but it goes further back and it's got puddles, I really must invest in a big torch, it was most unseemly getting about in the dark using only the flash on my camera.
I find a dry spot on what would be Thor's philtrum and sit round for a while, marveling at all the colours in the cave, reds, greens, browns and all in between, the trees out side the entrance going up the Manifold valley are perfection.
I'm snapped back into reality by voices, I build up the fire rouse my family grab the spears and run off into action, yelling like madmen.
Could have happened, once.
postman Posted by postman
2nd October 2016ce

Elderbush Cave (Cave / Rock Shelter) — Images

<b>Elderbush Cave</b>Posted by postman<b>Elderbush Cave</b>Posted by postman postman Posted by postman
2nd October 2016ce

Seven Ways Cave (Cave / Rock Shelter) — Images

<b>Seven Ways Cave</b>Posted by postman postman Posted by postman
2nd October 2016ce
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