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North Ayrshire (incl. Arran)

<b>North Ayrshire (incl. Arran)</b>Posted by MothGiant's Graves © Tim Clark
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Prehistoric Finds at a Housing Site in Scotland

Archaeologists will have a greater understanding of the lives of the people who built great ritual monuments following excavations at one of Scotland's largest rural settlements... continues...
Kozmik_Ken Posted by Kozmik_Ken
26th April 2004ce
Edited 5th September 2007ce

Britain's oldest continuously inhabited village

Dreghorn in Ayrshire, Scotland, has been revealed as Britain's oldest continuously inhabited village after the remains of an ancient settlement were uncovered by builders... continues...
Kozmik_Ken Posted by Kozmik_Ken
8th March 2004ce
Edited 5th September 2007ce

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Giant's Graves (Chambered Cairn) — Fieldnotes

Visited 27.7.16

There is a signpost for the Glenashdale Falls and the Giant's Grave is then signposted off this path to the left - all zig zag uphill. On the way up you pass a tree that has been planted in memory of Terry, and photos, who passed away in 2013.

It takes 30 minutes to walk to the tombs and you need to be fairly mobile to be able to make it but the path is easy to follow. Once you reach the site there are good views over to Holy Island and the Scottish Scotland.

It was amazing the difference in the weather from when I started to when I got to the top. When I started there was little wind and although overcast it was fairly warm. At the top it was windy, misty and cold!

The two tombs are well worth the effort to walk up the hill. The first tomb you come to is the better preserved and it was good to be able to clamber about the stones and look inside to see how it was constructed. The remaining upright stones are of a good size. The nearby second tomb is not as extensive but obviously still worth checking out. It was no great surprise to find I had the hilltop to myself. I have found that when visiting any site on the Scottish islands / highlands you are virtually guaranteed to get the place to yourself. Orkney and Callanish excepted of course!

It is surprising how some very good sites are not under the care of Historic Scotland etc yet lesser preserved sites are. This site is well worthy of such recognition.
Posted by CARL
8th August 2016ce

Ossian's Mound (Round Barrow(s)) — Miscellaneous

Drive by 27.7.16

Driving west out of Kilmory this barrow can be easily seen as a rough, gorse covered mound.

Canmore states:
A turf covered mound with several large protruding stones which occupies the top of an overgrown hillock. The spread mound has merged with the hillock.
Posted by CARL
8th August 2016ce

North Sannox (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

Visited 27.7.16

Just to the north of Sannox is a signposted turning for a forestry commission picnic / camping area. Follow this narrow road until you reach the car park at the end. The cairn is right next to the car park - can't miss it.

Strangely enough the info board at the car park makes no mention of the cairn.

The cairn is approximately 3 metres high x 25m across. The mound has many large stones scattered all around and on top of it amid the long, rough grass. One of the stones lying on top looks like a giant arrowhead! On top of the cairn is a 'standing stone' made up of lots of pretty pink quartz pieces.

This is a nice cairn in a nice spot. Dominated by the surrounding mountains of north Arran.
Posted by CARL
7th August 2016ce

Druid Auchencar (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Miscellaneous

Drive by 27.7.16

Just to add that this large and very pointy stone is easily visible from the A841.

Unfortunately a lack of time (the great enemy) prevented a closer look :(
Posted by CARL
7th August 2016ce

Deer Park (Standing Stones) — Fieldnotes

Visited 28.7.16

Driving north out of Brodick you soon come to the Arran cheese and Arran aromatic centre on your left. Park here (free). Directly opposite is a rough track. Walk along the track (past a house on your right and a lake on your left) until you reach the tarmac road. Turn right and you will shortly see two metal field gates opposite each other. The 3 stones can be seen in their respective fields from these gates.

I left Karen and the children to browse the shops, sample cheese and sniff smellies whilst I walked along the track to the see the stones. The day was dry but it was cloudy and rain threatened - as it often does on the Scottish islands.

I first peered over the gate to my left and easily spotted the single stone, the smallest of the three. There was no crop in the field but it was like a bog all around the gate and getting any closer to the stone would have meant trudging shin height in mud. I settled for the view from the gate.

I then crossed over to the opposite gate and was rewarded with a stunning vista. The field was golden, full of wheat, and out from it stood the two tall standing stones. The stones were surrounded by hills which had clouds of mist swirling around. It was all very atmospheric. No wind and no noise other than a bird of prey shrieking somewhere in the trees and mist in the distance.

I walked along some tractor tracks to get as close to the stones as possible without damaging the crop. Once I got as close as I could I just stood and stared and tried to take it all in. Wonderful, simply wonderful. This is what makes Scotland the special place it is and why I save up all year in order to make my annual pilgrimage to sample some of its delights.

The sign at the visitor centre proclaims that you can 'experience' of Scotland by buying the cheese or the smellies. No my friend, you get a real 'experience' of Scotland by crossing the road and visiting the stones and taking in the wonderful scenery.

As an aside, the cheese is very nice! :)
Posted by CARL
7th August 2016ce

Machriewater Foot (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Fieldnotes

Failed visit 27.7.16

Somewhere near the first and second tee of the golf course, next to a house.

This is an odd place. The road goes through the first / second tee and the house provides a further challenge to those of a golfing nature. Fortunately there was no one playing golf so we parked up next to the tee!

When we were on Arran last year I distinctly remember spotting the stone as we drove past. This year I couldn't find it! I walked around the first / second tee and house several times but couldn't see the stone. Although the area is surrounded by chest high ferns (another challenge for the golfers) I didn't think they were high enough to obscure the stone?

In fact I returned the next day for another quick look but again failed to find the stone. Therefore it is either shorther than I remember and swamped by the ferns (but surely that would have applied last year?) or I was looking in the wrong place or the stone has fallen or been removed?

In all probability it is still there - but I couldn't find it. One mystery for the next TMAer to visit Arran to solve!
Posted by CARL
7th August 2016ce

Giant's Graves (Chambered Cairn) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Giant's Graves</b>Posted by Howburn Digger Howburn Digger Posted by Howburn Digger
3rd August 2016ce

Brodick (carvings) (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art) — Fieldnotes

Visited 29.7.16

A short distance out of Brodick - along the B880.

We parked next to the metal barrier at the entrance of the forestry track and while Karen and Sophie stayed in the car, myself and Dafydd headed into the trees on another mini adventure.

There was mist in the air with a hint of light drizzle. Very atmospheric in a forestry setting. We simply walked along the track (passing a sculpture of a face carved out of a tree and someone's camping gear (although no sign of the person) All very 'Blair Witch'!

Once we reached the end of the track (10 minute walk) we carried along the 'path' for a short distance and soon spotted the large, flat rock outcrop.

The carvings were covered in pine needles and we had to brush them off as best we could. However the rock face was slippery in the wet and we had to take care not to fall. The light was far from ideal to see the carvings although we managed to make out several easily enough. Looking at the photos there were clearly many more we couldn't make out properly.

Dafydd then asked me 'what do they mean?' You can imagine the conversation which followed!

This is a fine (and relatively easy) site to visit and well worth the effort although (in my opinion) the carvings are not in the same league as the Killmartin ones - but then again - what is?
Posted by CARL
3rd August 2016ce

Moyish (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Fieldnotes

Failed visit 28.7.16

It was early evening on our last night on Arran and I fancied a walk along the sea front at Brodick to see if I could spot any otters. This is where I had been fortunate to see two last year. It was a lovely evening and the sun shone on the mist covered mountains to the north - a really beautiful sight. Arran is a beautiful island. Anyway, I thought I would take the opportunity to seek out the Moyish standing stone.

I first attempted to reach the stone from the back of the houses to the east. All this achieved is wet and muddy boots and my route blocked by a combination of impassible high gorse hedges and several electric fenced horse paddocks.

I then walked back down the hill, past the houses, and attempted a route via the children's play area. I climbed over the fence at the back but was again beaten back by the hedge / stream / brambles etc.

My third attempt was from the west, along a footpath from Brodick to Lamlash. The walk was much easier but again my way was blocked by electric / barbed wire fenced horse paddocks.

In the end I gave up and went back to 'otter spotting' - something else I failed to do! This standing stone was very close the the B+B we were staying in but as they say - 'so near, yet so far.....'
Posted by CARL
30th July 2016ce

Stronach (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Fieldnotes


Hurrah - the wheelie bins are no more!
The stone looks far more stately as a result :)
Posted by CARL
30th July 2016ce
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