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Castle Hill (Huddersfield)



I grew up in sight of this old hillfort from my bedroom window in Crosland Moor.

The history of the site is that it was first occupied during the Bronze Age. It later became an Iron Age Hillfort when much of the earthworks were dug out. The site was suddenly abandoned after an explosion caused by internal combustion in one of the walls, about 400BC . Excavations found vitrification amongst the stonework in part of the walls (this could be the source of the local legend about it being a worm's lair).

The hill laid abandoned until after the Norman invasion (despite popular belief that the Romans occupied the hill. No evidence has been found to support this) when the De Lacy family built a castle and re-dug and extended the earthworks. It is reported that the castle was still fairly intact (although ruinous) in the 16th Century, but the site was used as a quarry until no stonework remains above ground.

The pub was built in 1812 and it is said that a tunnel was found that led down into the hill. Alas, no one was brave enough to explore it and it was sealed up when the pub was built on top of it. There are a number of local legends about tunnels leading out from the hill. The pub used to be good for lock-ins, and a few of us used to see in the solstice sunrise up there in the 1980's... but it's been taken over by a chain now and tries to attract the carvery crowd. You even get your beer on a ****ing serviette!!!

The tower was built to commemorate Queen Victoria's Silver Jubilee.

Andy H
Kozmik_Ken Posted by Kozmik_Ken
8th September 2003ce
Edited 9th September 2003ce

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The tower was built to commemorat Victoria's 60 years on the throne.There is no Silver Jubilee. Jubilee=celebration. Silver wedding Aniversary (50th) was invented by the jewellry trade to sell more stuff. Check My book Happy Inspiration in Hudds library for more history.. Haydn Bywater Posted by dalton
27th January 2008ce
I'm just recovering from our morning excursion to Castle Hill. I have to confess that we drove up there, but as White Rose Morris Men from Huddersfield celebrate May Day by dancing there at dawn every year, I hope we can be forgiven for not walking. Contrary to the forecast, the morning dawned dry & relatively clear. For anyone mad enough to get up at four on May morning, the lads will be there next year, and always welcome anyone foolhardy enough to come & watch the sunrise with them. Posted by liztitley
1st May 2010ce
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