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NT intervene re pre-fracking tests in Clumber Park

"The National Trust has written a heartfelt letter to a fracking company, urging it to abandon plans to survey one of its estates for shale gas reserves.

Ineos Shale currently holds a licence to carry out pre-fracking tests in Nottinghamshire and is trying to force the Trust to grant it access to the Clumber Park.
Although the Government’s Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) says the company must gain permission from landowners, Ineos claims that National Trust opposition is ‘overly and overtly political’ and has appealed to the OGA to intervene.

In response, Clumber Park general manager Beth Dawson has written to Lynne Campbell, the Planning and Environment Manager at Ineos, making a personal appeal to her to stop the application, and inviting her to visit the 3,800 acre estate so she can see the ‘nature-rich oasis’ for herself.... "
tjj Posted by tjj
8th January 2018ce

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"A heartfelt letter" is a "political intervention" these days. Lordy get up out of your bed "National Trust" and do your job to stop this madness. A "heartfelt letter" is a limp-wristed, hand-wringing, shoulder-shrugging feeble response to a direct challenge and ultimatum from BIG BUSINESS who don't give a toss about Nottinghamshire, the Environment or the remit of the National Trust. The next thing is that INEOS will be saying that the NT are racists, homophobes and denying the Shale Industry their very right to exist.
Howburn Digger Posted by Howburn Digger
9th January 2018ce
Ineos have just launched a legal challenge to the Scottish Government's ban on fracking.

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fun I smell the hardball game hotting up. Profit Interest of Private Petroleum Corporation challenges the power of democratically elected government.
Bring it on Ineos!
Howburn Digger Posted by Howburn Digger
9th January 2018ce
The NT's 'heart-felt letter' is reproduced in full at the bottom of the above link. It will no doubt fall on deaf ears but at least in this instance the manager of Clumber Park (which does sound lovely, though I've never visited) is behaving with integrity.

As you aptly put it in your second comment HD, INEOS is no doubt already playing hardball as this quote from the above link shows:
"Rob Coyle, the CEO of Ineos Shale, accused the charity of ‘failing to engage with us or the science’ and has even warned that it will withhold profits from the Trust for being obstructive, if it does eventually win permission."
A veiled threat don't you think.
tjj Posted by tjj
9th January 2018ce
No more a veiled threat than the direct threats issued to NT staff who didn't feel particularly like sporting LGBT badges, lanyards and rainbow T-shirts but who were forced to by the National Trust or "offered" roles away from the public eye where they would not be forced to dress up (after some pressure the NT did back down).
But I digress, the NT is of course actually tasked with stewardship of lands and properties and should be kicking merry hell at Ineos and its sister company (instead of its hard working staff - gay or not). The managers of NT properties under threat should be getting a considerable bit more angry and aggressive towards the manipulative lawyer-talk, legalese and expensive court actions thrust upon the National Trust/ Public Purse by companies like Ineos.

Nice to see that the lowering of the Tax Rate meant that their profits for the 3 Month period up to Sept 2017 meant a charge of €121.9 million as compared to a charge of €147.9 million for the same period in 2016. Good to see the UK taxpayer they will be taking to court has been contributing to their profitability with such a subsidy.

Heads should roll.
Howburn Digger Posted by Howburn Digger
9th January 2018ce
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