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Samson's Jack

Standing Stone / Menhir


Everyone who's been here and left notes have mentioned that it's not entirely visible, but why didn't it piss them off, there's not even a hint of annoyance with the farmers of localness.
I parked as humbly as possible by the farm/footpath entrance, left daughter in the car and walked away. Ive seen the photos from the wrong side of the hedge, Ive also seen Bladups pictures from the right side of the hedge on the Portal. I was adamant that I too would be on the right side of the hedge so I tried to go left of the fence, only to pass a burly farm hand who obligingly put me on the right path, what a bastard.
Anyway there'll be another place to get over i'm sure, you cant keep a good man down, or on the wrong side of the fence. Two fields later and i'm stood next to the stone, and totally non plussed as to why a footpath would run right past a big famous standing stone and then have no provision for viewing the stone. It made me dead angry.
I walked past the stone north-ish towards the house to see if I could get into the next field, no go that way, the only way to get on the other side is back at the beginning. But even if you could get the west side of the hedge you'd be so far away from the stone that another hedge would be in the way. Looking at thesweetcheats pictures the hedge was considerably lower then, I might have been more able to get across, by standing on the gate and jumping for it, but not now with the high summer growth. The farmers have done this to us on purpose i'm positive, all it would take is a bit of shearing and a couple of planks to get over the double fence filled with an intense hedge. It's what I would do. But who am I? no one, that's who.
postman Posted by postman
4th September 2016ce
Edited 4th September 2016ce

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See this sort of thing drives me mad. For most farmers a megalithic site on their land is a major inconvenience, and any deterrence to a casual visitor is usually welcomed. I wish they would realise that they are merely custodians of the land for the brief time of their existence, and welcome those people that go out of their way to visit the historical sites in their care because they appreciate them for what they are. Sadly this is rarely the case, but top marks Postie for persevering, as it's never a proper visit unless you are able to touch the stone! Ravenfeather Posted by Ravenfeather
4th September 2016ce
Absolutely couldn't agree more, it's still on the list. postman Posted by postman
4th September 2016ce
I found some sites in Aberdeenshire a bit tricky regarding access; barbed wire, private land notices. We ended up clambering over stuff. No one around to tell us off, but it was a bit disconcerting. I agree the landowners are custodians not " owners" Posted by carol27
4th September 2016ce
Surprising to see private land notices in Aberdeenshire, the Scottish Outdoor Access Code makes that essentially meaningless unless it's someone's garden. Plenty of barbed wire though (which as Drew and Postie will confirm I'm hopeless at climbing over with any sort of ease). thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
4th September 2016ce
Probably more private road than land, particularly up to Tyrebagger & around Cothiemuir wood. Yes, I got snagged a bit! Posted by carol27
5th September 2016ce
Things have obviuosly got a lot worse (access wise) since I visited 6 years ago. From what I recall it wasn't a big issue although I was probably lucky that there was no-one around to tell me to 'get orfff my laaaand'! Posted by CARL
5th September 2016ce
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