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Blacknoll Hill

Barrow / Cairn Cemetery


Details of Barrows on Pastscape

(Centred SY 806863) Tumuli (NR) (four shown) (1)

Two further barrows are shown at 'E' - SY 80648630 and 'F' - SY 80648628. (2)
A group of six heather- covered mounds, probably all bowl barrows, without berm or ditch, are situated on Blacknoll Hill.
No surface finds were made.

'A' - SY 80608632. Mutilated bowl barrow, 17.5m diameter and 2.0m high surmounted by an OS triangulation station. A large trench has been cut in the north half of the mound, probably for military purposes.
'B' - SY 80628630. Bowl barrow, 10.5m diameter and 1.9m high is mutilated at the extreme edge of the south quadrant by a small slit trench.
'C' - SY 80658630. Bowl barrow, 10.0m diameter and 1.8m high appears to be unmutilated.
'D' - SY 80668628. Irregular bowl barrow, approx 15.0m diamter; the height of the east quadrant being 0.8m and that on the west, 2.4m high. The northern extremity has been defaced by a shallow pit dug against the barrow.
'E' - SY 80648630. Elongated bowl barrow; the north east - south west axis measures 13.0m and the north west - south east axis 10.5m with a height of 1.7m. Slight mutilation occurs on the south west and at the extreme edge of the south quadrant where a shallow pit has been dug.
'F' - SY 80658628. A low circular platform, possibly a bowl barrow, approx 9.5m diameter, which merges into the general ground level on the west side but on the east has a height of 1.0m. There is a slight depression in the south quadrant.

There are numberous small pits on the top of the hill, some of which may have a military origin, anothers probably the result of gravel digging. (3)
Five much disturbed bowl barrows on Blackholl. (4)

'A' - (42) SY 80608633. Bowl barrow, about 63ft diameter and 8ft high with trigonometrical station of top. Grinsell No 4.
'B' - (43) SY 80628631. Bowl barrow, 33ft diameter and 5ft high. Grinsell No 5.
'E' - (44) SY 80658630. Bowl barrow, about 35 ft diameter and 5 1/2ft high. Grinsell No 6.
'C' - (45) SY 8066828. Bowl barrow, 33ft diameter and 5 ft high. Grinsell No 7.
'D' - SY 80688627. (?) Bowl barrow, 48ft diameter and 8ft high, 20 yds south-east of Barrow 'C'. Grinsell No 12.

(This mound may be one of the barrows 'E' and 'F' seen by N.V Quinnell, Authy,3, in 1952). (5)

SY 866863. Five round barrows on Blacknoll Hill. Scheduled. (6)
The bowl barrows now gorse covered approximate to the descriptions and measurements of Authority (3) excepting the possible traces of ditches (see plan).
Corrected N.G.R.'s are as follows:-
'A'. - SY 80608632; 'B' - SY 80618631; 'C' - SY 80648630; 'D' - SY 80658629; 'E' - SY 80638631; 'F' - SY 80628629;

Surveyed at 1:2500 on M.S.D. (7)
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