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Burial Chamber


Due to the passage of time directions to this burial chamber have changed slightly since rdavymed came here nine years ago.
Parking is still at Cilan Uchaf farm, but your charged two quid for the pleasure now, there is an honesty slot in the barns side door.
Heading south east from the farm through a gate with a sign encouraging fishermen to come this way, after closing the gate behind you go into the right hand far corner of the field passing an unused caravan. There is another gate to be open and closed and across the field is another gate, head for that and then your in the burial chambers field it's in the far left corner. So that's three gates, no more than a ten minutes walk, even if you dawdle.

Sounds easy enough, but it's not the way I went.

Instead of the fisher friendly gate we went down the half overgrown old footpath that bends and takes us away south, not the right way. At the end of this path over a fence, cross a field, and over another fence, then I was sure it would be over the field and over the next fence and there it would be. No . Hmmm, I was sure I would be in the right place, we walked further south down to the sea looked about , wandered hither and thither , but couldn't find it at all. Eric was trying to be helpful, suggesting it and been pushed over, or it had fallen in the sea, the latter wasn't impossible we were close to the edge of some high cliffs, and erosion isn't a made up word. We retraced our steps, basically I employed the tactic of going round in circles getting more and more frustrated. As a last gasp solution we sat on the cliff tops looking out to sea, I put the map away and began to resign myself to some inadequate failed notes. Suddenly a spark of genius entered my consciousnesses, I silently stood up walked over to the stile ten meters away, peered across the field and pointed "there it is", just like John Cleese pointing out Brian as he runs off through the streets.

I couldn't believe how hard I'd found finding this bloody great stone to be, at one point I was going to blame unusually magnetic bedrock, then the map was wrong, plainly. In the end I can only presume it really is harder to find than you at first think.
The llech is really very big, over four feet tall five feet wide and twelve? feet long. Sitting on the stone for a while we watched a RNLI lifeboat out doing maneuvers, or perhaps showing off to a girlfriend. High on the cliff tops above Porth ceiriad is a hill fort, but time wont allow a visit today. Under the stone at its southern end are a couple of stones that could have supported this end of the capstone, could be field clearance though.
rdavymed's field notes mention it isn't easy to find and he's dead right, but he also says it could be the most spectacular site on the Lleyn, I'm not so sure about that though. It's a very worthwhile place to get to, for the size of the llech and those easy on the eye sea views.
postman Posted by postman
24th August 2012ce
Edited 24th August 2012ce

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That is so pixie led, i love it when it happens, i've had it so i can't even see the map properly, embrace it like you did and it'll always go away. great stuff!!! bladup Posted by bladup
24th August 2012ce
Trees can be very helpful too, sounds crazy but, if you cant find what your looking for and the lost feeling is creeping up, sometimes it helps to sit and wait a while under a tree, the way will soon become clear. It's happened too many times to just ignore it. Wont work in a forest though, obviously. postman Posted by postman
24th August 2012ce
Did I ever tell you that G/F and I got completely lost in the woods at Castle Howard, many years ago? It's only as little wood too, but we went round and round in circles. I remember it was called Ray Wood, cos I thought that would be a good name for a snooker player. thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
24th August 2012ce
Stephen Fry on QI said we have an in built mechanism that keeps us going round in circles, perhaps to stop one from wandering away from the group and getting eaten. Or something like that. postman Posted by postman
24th August 2012ce
Handy! thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
24th August 2012ce
It's all the lives we've walked round these circles. bladup Posted by bladup
24th August 2012ce
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