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Wales (Country)

Wales heritage bodies reject formal merger

Welsh heritage bodies have rejected a formal merger of any of their functions.

But government-controlled Cadw will become independent in recommendations to Economy Secretary Ken Skates.

An independent review of National Museum Wales (NMW) will also be held and will be published by the summer.

It follows strong opposition to proposals to merge some commercial functions of heritage bodies into a new organisation Historic Wales.
thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
5th February 2017ce

Ceide Fields

Céide Fields may be 2,500 years younger than thought

NUI Galway archaeologist Andrew Whitefield disputes age of ancient north Mayo site.

More here:
ryaner Posted by ryaner
4th February 2017ce

Must Farm Logboats

National BA Museum proposed for Peterborough

"A number of organisations, including Peterborough City Council, Vivacity, the British Museum and The University of Cambridge, are in discussions about how best to display the discoveries found at Must Farm and Flag Fen.
Last January the world’s media was amazed by the archeological dig at Must Farm, near Whittlesey, which saw ancient round houses preserved in the clay. The discovery has been described as ‘the Pompei of the Fens’ because of the way the finds had been preserved, and what they told archeologists about life in the Fens 3,000 years ago. Wooden roundhouses, which were destroyed by a fire thousands of years ago, where uncovered, as were tools, bones and even pots still containing food. Journalists and historians from across the world descended on the Must Farm Quarry to see the operation to recover the finds. A report looking at the possibility of creating a National Bronze Age museum for the city had been prepared in 2014, with the discoveries at Flag Fen being at the heart of the plans - but now the report is being looked at again, to take into account the new discoveries. "

Read more at:
tjj Posted by tjj
30th January 2017ce

Baildon Moor

Rock Art on Baildon Moor (carved into a 4,000 year old stone!)

N AMATEUR archaeologist believes he has stumbled across Yorkshire’s first selfie, carved into a 4,000-year-old stone on Baildon Moor.

Gordon Holmes, from Shipley, first became interested in carved cup and ring stones on the district’s moors when his father pointed one out to him when he was about 12.

Now aged 64, retired design engineer and IT technician Mr Holmes has dedicated his life to studying the weathered ancient carvings which he believes could date to the late Stone Age.

But he says it had dawned on him recently that one carving he had been studying was of the artist himself.

“I realised that I was looking at a Stone Age selfie,” he said.

“There are many cup and ring stones around the moors, carved into millstone grit, but there are at least five such rocks with carvings representing aspects of the night sky which are on Baildon Moor.

“It seems that only Baildon Moor carvings correlated to patterns of star constellations. The other moors of Ilkley, Rivock Edge, Harden and Bingley only have the odd example of astronomical significance.

“What’s more, these five appear to have a particular style, a bit like handwriting, and I am convinced they are by the same artist.

“My father said to me all those years ago that no-one knew what the markings were, so I made it a mission to find out. I discovered the carvings showed the Pole Star, Cassiopeia, Hyades and Pleiades.

“One particular stone shows Cassiopeia, distinctive in the night sky because it forms a clear ‘W’ shape.

“It also shows a stick figure, which I presume is the artist, sitting or standing in the local landscape or round a fire with almost like a speech bubble above their head showing Cassiopeia above him. It is as if he has carved a selfie of himself,” said Mr Holmes.

“I know there could be earlier interpretations of selfies, such as those drawn in hieroglyphics by the Ancient Egyptians, but this stone carving selfie on Baildon Moor may well be the earliest example in Yorkshire.”

Mr Holmes is also interested in astronomy and has taught the subject at Bradford College.

He is also known for his search for the Loch Ness monster. In 2007 he filmed a large moving object in the loch. Almost a decade later, US-based software firm DreamFactory was able to analyse the footage and confirmed Mr Holmes’s suspicions that he had filmed a giant eel swimming in the loch.
Howburn Digger Posted by Howburn Digger
29th January 2017ce

Maeshowe (Chambered Tomb)

Orkney MSP Welcomes Maeshowe Talks
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
27th January 2017ce

Highland (Mainland)

Grey Cairns of Camster

A blog by Magnus Dixon on his visit to The Grey Cairns of Camster, near Watten
Posted by tomatoman
26th January 2017ce


Orkney BBC Series - "Not weird enough"

This is lovely.
Howburn Digger Posted by Howburn Digger
25th January 2017ce

Trusty's Hill (Hillfort)

'Lost Kingdom' Linked To Galloway
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
21st January 2017ce

Stonehenge and its Environs

Highways England A303 consulation

Lots of paperwork here:
thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
15th January 2017ce


Article on the Ness of Brodgar

Informative article on the Ness from 2015
Posted by tomatoman
12th January 2017ce
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