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Orkney Neolithic 'butterfly-like' motifs found by chance

"Neolithic markings carved into a stone in Orkney that were missed for years by archaeologists have been discovered by chance.
The faintly incised "butterfly-like" motifs were revealed on Tuesday as sunlight lit up the rock at the "right moment, at the right angle".
Experts believe the marks were deliberately made to be delicate and to catch light at certain times of day.
The find was made during excavations at Ness of Brogdar.
The incisions are so faint they do not show up in photographs taken so far of the stone.
The block formed part of wall of a structure at the dig site. It has since been moved to safe location."

Dig diary date;
moss Posted by moss
19th July 2017ce

Buckland Rings (Hillfort)

Archaeologists unearth ancient origins of New Forest Town

A high-tech survey at Buckland Rings Iron Age hillfort in Lymington has revealed evidence of 2,000 year old roundhouses within the fort’s ramparts.
The geophysical survey was led by the New Forest National Park Authority with local volunteers and students from Bournemouth University.
Up to seven prehistoric dwellings were identified, which would have once housed a community of hunters and farmers that would grow into the modern Lymington. Trading throughout Britain and across the sea, these ancient ancestors would have lived in round wooden buildings caked in a soil-based mixture.

Continued ....
tjj Posted by tjj
18th July 2017ce

South Howe (Broch)

Roman coin find in Orkney thrills archaeologists

Archaeologists are thrilled by the discovery of a Roman coin during the excavation of an archaeological site in Orkney.
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
18th July 2017ce

Highland (Mainland)

Everything is ancient: Lego broch completed

An Iron Age broch recreated in Lego goes on public display this week.
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
13th July 2017ce


Burial Mound Near Stonehenge To Be Excavated
Posted by tomatoman
12th July 2017ce


Lake District gets World Heritage status

As expected UNESCO award World Heritage status to the Lake District.
tjj Posted by tjj
10th July 2017ce


Ancient stone monuments may have been used for Mysterious moonlit ceremonies, say archaeologists

The rationale for the headline produces some wonderful one liners .
Did someone actually say "“When we went out to some imaging at night, when the camera flashed we suddenly saw more and more art, which suggested that it was meant to be seen at night and in the moonlight."
Laughter aside , the important thing is that there are some genuine markings in an area where they are far from common .
tiompan Posted by tiompan
9th July 2017ce

Isle of Skye

The Atlas of Hillforts of Britain and Ireland

I have spent some time examining this database, which was released into the public domain in June 2017, most particularly with respect with the area I am most familiar with: The Isle of Skye.

You would have anticipated that, following five years in its compilation, this atlas would be fully comprehensive. Despite claiming to be an atlas of hillforts, the 51 entries for Skye consist of an eclectic mix of hillforts, promontory forts and brochs. In total there are actually over 90 such sites on the island known to me, though to be fair, the Atlas does include seven entries that are not indicated on the OS maps, and which are new to me.

The actual selection of sites shows remarkable inconsistency. Along the east coast of Sleat, at the south of Skye, are the sites of at least ten known promontory forts yet the Atlas includes only four! In Waternish in the north, brochs Dun Gearymore and Dun Hallin are included yet Dun Borrafiach which lies between them is not. In Duirinish, Dun Colbost is included while the much more deserving Dun Boreraig is not. The latter is a particularly fine example of a coastal broch. These selections defy reason.

And most curious of all, just across the water on the mainland, the Atlas lists Eilan Donan Castle, apparently on a whim, because it: "may have occupied the site of an earlier fort" (something that has not been established).

Personally, I'm mightily disappointed. Canmore is far more comprehensive and will remain my primary source of information on hillforts. It is to be hoped that other areas within the British Isles have been much more carefully compiled, and provide the user with all the information they require.
LesHamilton Posted by LesHamilton
6th July 2017ce

Avebury (Stone Circle)

Avebury neolithic 'stone square circle' discovered

An ancient "square stone circle" has been discovered under the Neolithic stones at Avebury in Wiltshire.
scubi63 Posted by scubi63
29th June 2017ce

NT have bought the URC Chapel

Predictably perhaps, the National Trust has purchased the historic URC Chapel which stands within the Avebury Stone Circle. They are inviting people to come along in the afternoon and early evening (up to 7.00pm) on 5th July to share their views about its future use.
tjj Posted by tjj
28th June 2017ce
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