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Dragon Hill (Artificial Mound) — Folklore

Between the Ickleton-way and White-horse-hill, under the Horse, stands a large Barrow, which the common people living hereabouts, call DRAGON-HILL, and they have a tradition, that "Here St George killed the Dragon." The Horse too is brought into the Legend, as belonging to that Saint, who is usually pictured on Horse-back. They shew besides a bare place on the top of it, which is a plain of about forty or fifty yards over, where the turf, I don't know by what means, can gain no footing; which they imagine proceeds "from the venemous blood that issued from the Dragon's wound."
Francis Wise: 'A letter to Dr Mead concerning some antiquities in Berkshire' (1738).
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
27th September 2016ce

The Rollright Stones (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Visited (again) 29.8.16

It's funny how sometimes fate lends a hand and you end up being back at a place a lot sooner than expected!

Following an overnight stop in Northamptonshire (to visit a couple of English Heritage sites) I had planned to take a different route home but fate (or my poor map reading!) led us past the Rollright Stones again.

Dafydd was happy with this as he stayed in the car yesterday as he was having a bit of a 'temper tantrum'. Once he had calmed down he really wanted to see the circle but by them we were miles away heading north.

This time we first crossed the road to see the Kings Stone (I told him the story) and then back to the stone circle. Luck was on our side again as most people were either on their way back to their cars or heading over to the Whispering Knights. There were only a couple of people at the circle. I showed Dafydd the entrance and we walked anti-clockwise around the circle (why do I always seem to go anti-clockwise when walking around a stone circle?)

The sun was still shining and despite a few more fluffy white clouds in evidence the weather was even warmer than yesterday. The added bonus was there was no 'boom, boom, boom' to be heard! Wlaking around I spotted many coins pushed into various holes and several ribbons tied to the branches of nearby trees.

It was an unexpected treat to be back so soon. It goes to show - you never kniow................. :)
Posted by CARL
30th August 2016ce

Visited 28.8.16

Only two years since my last visit? Seems longer.
Some sites have that affect.
The more I visit the Rollrights the more I like them.

The sun was shining brightly and there was not a breath of wind. It was very warm as I approached the gate. Luckily a coach load of American tourists were just leaving so when I got to the circle there was only a couple of people there. Luck was certainly with me as they too shortly left and I managed to have the circle to myself for about 5 minutes.

The surrounding fields had been harvested and in the distance the sun painted pretty patches of light and shadows across the fields. All was picture perfect.

The only thing to spoil the occasion was some muppet in the lay by who obviously thought everyone wanted to hear his/her 'boom, boom, boom' type of music blasting from his/her car. Grrrr.

All too soon other people arrived so I headed back to the car and away from the 'boom, boom, boom'. Hopefully things will me more tranquil and atmospheric on my next visit - whenever that is?

If you have never visited the Rollrights, make sure it is somewhere near the top of your 'to do' list.
Posted by CARL
29th August 2016ce

Churchill Three Stones (Standing Stones) — Fieldnotes

Visited 28.8.16

Near the sign for 'The Old Rectory' at the start of the lane as previously described by others.

Since the photos were taken the stones have become completely overgrown with ivy and several large bushes are soon to swallow them up. Despite knowing about the stones and where to find them (thanks Jane) I still managed to walk past them 3 times before spotting them! I fear that in a few years you won't be able to see them at all - unless someone comes along with a sharp pair of shears!
Posted by CARL
29th August 2016ce

Churchill Standing Stone (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Miscellaneous

Drive by 28.8.16

The hedges clearly haven't been cut for some time and I couldn't spot the stone. Parking would be a bit tricky even if I had the time for a proper hunt - which I didn't!
Posted by CARL
28th August 2016ce

New Street Stone (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Fieldnotes

Visited 28.8.16

Whilst looking around the pretty town of Chipping Norton I made the short walk from the town centre to this stone (follow the blue car park sign)

The stone is easy to spot on the right (as you approach the car park) but it had a row of various coloured wheelie bins lined up alongside it. I don't know what was in the bins but it stunk to high heaven in the warmth of the day. We didn't linger too long - unlike the smell.
Posted by CARL
28th August 2016ce

Uffington Castle (Hillfort) — Fieldnotes

Today (after the nation's collective bad weekend) I had the opportunity to walk up White Horse Hill at Uffington. Probably my favourite place, the place that represents home to me. The moment my feet start to walk up, peace descends and the turmoil of our current political situation fades, not into insignificance but certainly into proportion. This is my England, ancient and symbolic. A profusion of orchids and wild thyme growing on the banks of the hillfort. Sat on a wooden bench up there to have a snack, listening to the skylarks, watching red kite soar up from below and rise high into the thermals, in the distance the London train speeds by - looking almost toy-like from this height . The white horse is currently being re-chalked but paid my usual respects anyway. Then for a walk along the Ridgeway, more wild orchids. Didn't go as far as Wayland's Smithy today, just wanted to see, touch and hear my little bit of old England again. Feeling a better for it - for now anyway. tjj Posted by tjj
27th June 2016ce

Uffington Castle (Hillfort) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Uffington Castle</b>Posted by tjj tjj Posted by tjj
27th June 2016ce

Wayland's Smithy (Long Barrow) — Images

<b>Wayland's Smithy</b>Posted by moss moss Posted by moss
26th June 2016ce

Moss Hill (Long Barrow) — Miscellaneous

Details of long barrow on Pastscape

Neolithic long barrow excavated in 1852; skeletons and a Roman coin found. The long barrow can no longer be located on the ground or on aerial photographs.
SU 336 843. A small long (probably oval) mound on Moss Hill, Sparsholt, excavated by Martin Atkins in 1852. It contained a "straight setting of sarsens" at the broad end, one of which impinged on a skeleton. Three other skeletons were found `huddled together'. Case suggests a small chambered long barrow or a pillow mound; he was unable to locate the site which may now be inside the wood which has been enlarged. A coin in the Atkins bequest in the British Museum described as "Bronze coin, 3rd brass, from Long Barrow", may come from this site (3). (1-3) This mound could not be located on the ground, nor is it visible on R.A.F air photographs. Atkins excavation report seems to make it quite clear that this is not a pillow mound. (4) Other reference. (5) The Neolithic long barow described by the previous authorities could not be identified on any of the available aerial photographs consulted during a survey of the area. (6)
Chance Posted by Chance
22nd May 2016ce
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