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Re: A growing trend
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moss wrote:
Stone stacking; Though this article covers beaches it does cover cairns and monuments as well, and having seen the Stowe Pound's stone stacking at this settlement it is important to have some rules on the subject, or at least signage.

Yet again it seems to about 'us' needing to leave our mark on somewhere we have visited (photo opportunity). The first time I saw a pebble Stonehenge on some remote beach I thought it charming and yet I can see it is a problem somewhere like Stowes Pound where to do this is interfering with ancient history of the place. Easier to imagine stone stacking on a beach would be washed away by tides. On the surface it seems harmless enough so education needs to take place.

Then again Moss do 'we' listen. Sorry to get heavy on a Sunday morning but as I'm now officially an 'older person' can't help reflecting on the changes in life style over the decades which has brought about the real manifestation of global warming in our own life times. (Almost) everyone has a car and can't imagine life without one - multiply that by millions and not hard to see why the planet is warming. Then there's air travel, heavy industry etc. etc. oh, and did I mention cows farting. Put in context stacking pebbles on a beach doesn't seem so bad.

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Posted by tjj
12th August 2018ce

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