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Re: Sacred directions
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Well, exactly, and why shouldn't you think like that?

Rhiannon, tell me if this is inappropriate for the thread and I will remove it immediately, but in essence are we not, and haven't we always been, fated beings despertaely trying to assert control over the world, and aren't these monuments, especially the grand places, an avebury or york minster maybe, an attempt to be certain of our direction through life, or to gain some sort of safe passage?

Whatever the detail of the ritual or the ceremony that takes place, whether at the barrow, the henge or the cathedral, the fundamental idea or goal seems to be related wouldn't you say?

Are these places in essence tricks of the mind? Places to go to feel easier and more certain about life? To remove fears of the outside, and 'uncontrollable' world and buy into something you can feel confident and sure about? A mixture of science in terms of astronomy and religion working it's magic? It's like the circularity in life is there for all to see and the 'directional' is there in terms of providing reassurance that 'we are in control'.

Is this why people say they find certain places 'soothing'? Is it the psychology working? Pagan sites, christian sites, apart from the fact we have writing about one and not so much about the other, aren't they essentially doing the same job? The difference of course with Neo/BA/IA sites is that nobody is telling you what you must believe, or what you must do and therein lies, for many, the attraction?

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Evergreen Dazed
Posted by Evergreen Dazed
29th November 2017ce

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