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Re: Stonehenge & Environs
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costaexpress wrote:
Just returned from a few days at Amesbury and Avebury. Nothing to compare to the feeling of excitement as you wander Carrowkeel or the anticipation of Swindale as you walk up the farm track, however, good to catch up on some of the less visited areas (less visited by me that is). So much written about both places you would not think it was all pre history. Left me with a couple of points I would like to chase down 1) Did the river Avon follow the same course through Amesbury 4700 years ago and how would that impact on the ceremonial route to Stonehenge 2) Some of the monuments must have used labour from all over the UK and maybe Europe, if so what language was used to direct works, was there a common language, or was sign language used more extensively than today. Sure to be lots of theories out there so winter reading sorted at least. By the way, promise I did not leave a boot print on any pristine Mesolithic surface.

Glad you enjoyed your visit - today that landscape is overwritten with centuries of human activity so it is sometimes hard to get the 'prehistory feel' of the place although parts of Salisbury Plain are still pristine as owned by the army. When I visited Imber on one of the few occasions it is open to the public we drove through miles of unpopulated and quite bleak grassland. I believe there are a few longbarrows around there which I personally have never seen.
As you've said, and others too, there are so many other remote and amazing prehistoric sites to visit in the British Isles which don't get anything like the same publicity as Stonehenge - thank goodness. Ireland in particular holds a pull for me.
Having said that, yesterday morning went across the Marlborough Downs, through Avebury, past Silbury on the 49 bus (from Swindon). There was mist lifting in November sunlight - nowhere more beautiful or ancient to be found anywhere. Just past Beckhampton saw a large flock of lapwings - quite a rare and thrilling sight.
Don't forget about Avebury and surrounding landscape - always the place I go back to. Never ever disappoints.

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Posted by tjj
17th November 2017ce

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