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Re: Stonehenge & Environs
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thesweetcheat wrote:
You've said what I was going to.

No disputing what Smithone has said, but the tone as a first time poster here isn't exactly one that's going to engage anyone positively.

The real damage to our heritage is happening across the country, on farms, hills and moors, by farmers and flytippers, while the heritage bodies navel gaze and while a thousand more instantly refutable papers get written about Stonehenge.

And in the meantime the oh-so-precious World Heritage site suffers the indignity of a hugely destructive tunnel (never mind a bootprint on a Mesolithic layer) to which much of the caring archaeo community says nothing and looks the other way for fear of rocking the funding gravy boat.

I also think maybe there would be a lot more interest and understanding from the wider public if the archaeo community tried to engage rather than preach or condescend to people who are on the same side (in theory). Most of the sites we visit haven't seen an archaeologist in decades - too busy getting grants to write more pet theories about Stonehenge.

Spot on as well.

There would also be a lot more known about other areas of the county than there is now if money was thrown at it like it is at SH. Stonehenge is special of course, but how special would some other places be if treated in the same way. SH is not the centre of the universe and the only playground available for favoured archaeologists to come up with alternative theories year by year!
I think all the differing opinions, thoughts and ideas are becoming embarrassing

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Posted by Sanctuary
4th November 2017ce

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