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Sanctuary wrote:
tjj wrote:
Dear Evergreen
With reference to the comments you made yesterday under the Glastonbury thread about everything I post either being ‘fawning’ or ‘ill-conceived’ – I feel it’s only fair I have a chance to respond as I was actually out enjoying the Lammas-tide sunshine yesterday. I haven’t got time to trawl through it all again to find the post so am making this one off response as a separate thread.

I won’t be trading insults with you because I agree with you – if ‘fawning’ is being supportive to someone like Gladman when he became the focus of your puzzling photography thread – then I own up to it. You did later explain that you just wanted to discuss the finer points of photography, which was seemed odd as you haven’t actually posted any photos of your own here - or if you did, you have now removed them.

‘Ill conceived’ - yes probably. Guilty again of not always thoroughly researching everything I post beforehand but then this is a forum. A place to ask questions and exchange ideas - I am always willing to stand corrected if I get something wrong.

Don’t worry, I won’t attempt to interact with you in the future but imagine you are now running out of people to direct your vitriol at – and that includes the TMA Eds themselves.

Yours etc.

I didn't think I would ever post again on this forum instead just lurk but I would agree 100% with tjj (June). How the ED's allow this bloke to continue on this list is beyond me. He insults everyone, even the Ed's, yet gets away with it every time. I left because of him and others have since, I expect a few more will leave now. Bladeup got the boot but he never set others up so that he could shoot them down and make them feel inferior and inadequate. An opinion and point of view we are all entitled to and should not be questioned, probed and torn apart just to get your way. This is bullying and the ED's should deal with this right now. If you feel I am out of order then feel free to dismiss me at the same time but I repeat, June is 100% correct and if others have got the bottle they will support her. Back to lurking unless things change or I'm booted off.

Genuinely mystified.

I'd agree i'm forthright at times, but thats about it.

If anybody is interested, and I wouldn't be, they might want to examine exactly what these claims consist of.

Roy got the hump because I told it to him like it is about his self published, un-reviewed book, forced because of his utter arrogance and disrespect of professional archaeology and insult to the intelligence of most here, claiming he's the only person in the country able to investigate the quoit "correctly".

I did the same with tjj after she posted telling me its not fair to make a comment illustrating the ridiculousness of wild-eyed theory without proof. The comment she'd objected to was that I think Glastonbury Tor was covered in bits of banana, and she made sure to tell me I shouldn't post such things! Incredible. Incredible arrogance once again.

So, if you're interested TMA, have a close look at whats going on here.
Or ban me, I suppose.

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Evergreen Dazed
Posted by Evergreen Dazed
2nd August 2013ce

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