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Re: Website confusion
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To clarify:

Four people have highlighted the website confusion in the past three weeks, 3 of them from here. Hence my posting above.

Other matters that could do with clarifying as a result of things said on this thread:

Littlestone's real name has appeared in a number of places for some years including in his partner's blog so I really don't feel obliged to defend my use of it here, which was deliberate and for the single reason that I wished to make doubly sure that anyone searching for who was involved in the Trust would know for certain it was no-one connected with HA. I believe I have some justification for wanting to ensure that was the case, having spent a considerable amount of effort (and lost a huge amount of goodwill towards HA) by doggedly defending him for years against attacks from a whole bunch of people who turned out to be far better judges of character than me. Of my many misjudgements in helping run HA that has been the most damaging by far.

We have kept quiet about this for 18 months but Paul's posting above, in which he casts himself as a beneficent Heritage Action financier means I ought to put the record straight from my own perspective. The situation is that HA has always been a communal enterprise and over the years several hundred people have contributed to or been involved with it and at least 12 that I've been able to recall have contributed finance as and when needed to keep it running. Thus lots of people have formally “owned” various bits of HA's assets (and still do) at various times, including me, but all of them have done so on the pretty obvious basis that everything “belonged” to HA and was subject to democratic control by the members. Unfortunately, Paul was the only person over ten years that decided “ownership” meant he could take over and close down Heritage Action, which is exactly what he did late in 2012. One day, out of the blue, we suddenly found we were all locked out of the blog. We assumed we'd been hacked but he then sent us a letter informing us he had changed the password and that The Journal would stay closed until HE decided what form, if any, it would take in future and how he was going to run it. We would then be welcome to rejoin.

I don't think further comment from me is necessary (though I'm willing to publish Paul's letter verbatim if he says I have misrepresented it).

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Posted by nigelswift
29th March 2013ce

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