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Re: Gobekli Tepe...Turkey
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Littlestone wrote:
Aye, that’s it Mr S.

Just been talking with moss about the columns at Karnack – they're so close together because of the (span) restrictions of the lintels. Same thing at Abydos. I guess something similar was at play at Stonehenge as well – ie the spacing between the uprights was dictated by the limitations of the lintels.

Jeeze... Abydos... that place is still roofed. Remember a couple of hours drive to get there but it was worth it. Had the place all to myself (other than a shadowy attendant who flittered behind one column after another). He did show me where the Osireion was though. Bloody ‘ell, what were they up to! "OK fellas, we’ll haul another of those double-decker size rocks into place today – see if it fits properly and looks alright." ;-)

It was Abydos that I met the custodian with the old Webley pistol. Bit of a story but we arrived on the coach and I teamed up with a young couple on their honeymoon (talk about three being a crowd :-) ). We were wondering around and also felt we were being shadowed. Turned out we were by this custodian and his son, daughter-in-law and their two children, one in arms! I had taken cheapo biro pens with me because I hhad been told they were much valued. I indicated to them that I would like to give one to the older child. This was accepted and the boys father brought him forward so that I could give it to him. I then indicated that I would like the babe in arms to have one as well. Much to our amazement the young wife stepped forward, dropped her veil and accepted it. That sort of made my day as it meant I had 'broken through' and had been accepted myself.
Anyway we were then invited to visit the old mans 'house'. Jeepers what an experience that was. We were let to a corner of the temple which was in total darkness where he produced a battery lantern. That lit up the most amazing stone spiral staircase that had hyrogliphics(sp) to the stair risers, stone stringers and the entire walls all the way to the top. They were identical in various shapes and looked like they had been burnt in with the same branding iron!
The staircase ended on the completly flat stone roof which was breathtaking. Bloody HUGE capstones and linked to gether with those dovetailed stones that went right through, not like many others that are only about 6" deep.
Anyway we walked across this roof to a corner where there were rows upon rows of 'Gregian Urn' type pots in a corballed fashion making up the only two walls of the custodians 'house'. Jeez he had nothing. Across the two walls were spread bamboo or something similar with palm tree leaves spread out over them. There was a parched-out flat log that served as a table and some large cushions to sit on and not much else other than a bed with skins draped over it. I tell you what, it doesn't half make you feel humble.
That apart we chatted away as best we could with the wife completely relaxed and veil free. I loved it.
It was then that he produced his pistol and gave us a demo on how he would 'arrest' someone for not respecting the temple. He was a real card. He told us he was past 80 and had only seen rain three times in his life and his son NEVER!!
What a trip that was and one never to forget.

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Posted by Sanctuary
24th December 2012ce

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