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Re: Gobekli Tepe...Turkey
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tiompan wrote:
Littlestone wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
We talk about the carving in stone. If that wasn't hard enough 12,500+ years ago imagine what it was like in wood with no 'tools' as such! I completed my apprenticeship as a joiner in a workshop with no electical tools and I can tell you it was damn hard work for a lad, and that was with decent hand tools, not lumps of flint or rocks! Timber may be soft compared to rock but it's no easy material to work with without highly sharpened tools. It's one thing cutting down a tree with a flint axe but just try carving some to a good standard with the same equipment. Feel free to try it any time :-)

Interesting point, and in may ways (some) stone might actually be easier to work with than wood. Not talking about something like sarsen, but with a soft sandstone (or limestone re tiompan’s link above) they would have been able (quite easily I’d have thought) to created intricate reliefs to that standard (do you know what stone was used there Bucky ?).

So maybe there was no 'transition' from wood to stone at all...

The pillars at G.T. are limestone .

Yes far far easier to carve than timber. You can't scratch out across grain and leave a smooth finish 'easily' like you can in limestone as it tears up. You then have to set about smoothing it which would have been no easy task. On saying all of that, IF time was of no importance then given enough I suppose there's not much you can't do! You'd need the patience of Job mind you!

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Posted by Sanctuary
23rd December 2012ce

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