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A clean slate? (or should that be granite?)
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Our plan was to share some of our findings in a forum of like-minded people who already had an interest, and hopefully some experience, in the subject matter. We hoped to dispel the myth that this structure was intended as nothing more than a tomb by showing that there was a far greater intelligence behind both the positioning and the construction.

If we had just been using this as a marketing strategy 'to draw people in' so we could sell them an as-yet unpublished book, perhaps we would have chosen a slightly bigger target audience than the small handfull of people on here? Perhaps we were slightly naiive in thinking that people would be as amazed as we have been to discover the sublime nature of this 'Solar Observatory' and wish to support us in finding out more about it using a wide range of techniques, from simple test digging to using more advanced techniques such as ground penetrating radar etc.

To be fair, I think we expected a certain amount of healthy scepticism, but hoped that the questions we would inevitably be asked would help us to better formulate our answers and present our evidence. Unfortunately there have been too few questions asked, and some of those were so far removed from our course of enquiry that we were caught off balance, whereupon one or two seem to have jumped to the conclusion that we have nothing of interest to say and are fair game for a bit of derision.

I'll hold my hands up and admit that I am guilty of rising to the bait and allowing myself to get caught up in this silly game of overt posturing, but I've been trying ever since to find some common ground for this important subject to be discussed without the need for egos getting bruised!

So, gentlemen, what say we start again with a clean slate?

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Posted by stonefree
2nd May 2011ce

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