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Re: Trefael..more may and maybe's
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George Nash wrote:
Dear Team,

I like the banter. However, what you are both probably not aware of is that during the excavation of the site, a clear vertical cut was recorded within the cairn that originally formed the mound of the Portal Dolmen. The cut lay close to the upper (buried) face of the former capstone. From this and other bits of evidence it was clear to me that I was dealing with a two-phased monument: first phase as a Portal Dolmen and then, during the Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age, after the burial monument had fallen out of use and had become denuded, the capstone was up-ended and used as a standing stone. Close by to the north on a ridge are three/four BA barrows/cairns. Finds were limited but we did retrieve three pierced slate beads, possible Late Mesolithic in date. We intend to do more work there in 2011 so, alas still lots of 'may bes' - just in case! Take care -GHN

Hello George , can't talk for anyone but I was certainly aware ,from various sites e.g.” Past Horizons “of the cut and the suggestion the monument was two phased although the evidence for the second phase (standing stone ) seems limited when the physical evidence might suggest simply a collapsed capstone ,there are no packing stones to have kept it upright which may have been expected . The finds were also mentioned including the medieval sherds although the BA barrows were not on anything I had seen .The only barrows noted locally on Coflein is the cemetery at Crugiau Cemmaes 2.5 K to the north east which looks like it would be unsighted from the stone due to the ridge at between the stone and Post -goch . If there are others that are sighted from the stone it would be good to know . The point about the stone being a standing stone or marker and within a “sacred landscape “ is all conjecture and could be discussed for ever and was not the point of the “banter “ which was mainly concerned about the main headline relating to the stone i.e. “may represent star constellations” . It would be good if some of this banter could be addressed ,along with the fact that no other representation of the heavens has been found on a cup marked rock in the UK .“Orion has 7 stars Cassio 5 Sirius and the pole star gives a total of 14 from 70 .Do the remainder fit ? If Sirius is there where is Aldebaran , the belt points to both , Procion and Rigel are also prominent around Orion , are they also missing ? At the time of build of Portal tombs the pole star was Thuban which was quite faint , would it really have been viewed as important enough to mark and is there a relationship between magnitude and size of cup (Frankie Howard )? "They mention a section of the sky when Thuban to Orion are pretty much half of the entire horizon . “

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Posted by tiompan
6th December 2010ce

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