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Ancient sites: Protect or Use?
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They are putting up signs around local penwith monuments such as Tregeseal stone circle. These signs are ugly lumps of stone with bold writing warning people that they will be prosecuted if they are found to be damaging these their opinion "damaging" includes
-Lighting fires (Understandable-i agree)
-Dropping litter (I agree)
-Camping (depending on the respect of the campers)
But the next one i find stupid...
-No leaving offerings of any kind!!!!!

From early childhood, even though neither my parents or i are religious in any way, i have been brought up to respect these places and have often left a small gift of plaited grasses, wildflowers or interesting natural items that have been found on the walk.
I DO NOT however agreee that non-bio degradable objects such as plastic flowers, toys and other items should be left as these can spoil the natural beauty and atmosphere of the site.

However some of these sites are still in use by groups who practise alternative beliefs such as Pagan groups. They use these sites as sacred places and respect them, as this is what they were built for, i see no problem in them being used as they should be. It shows that there is still respect for the old Ways and beliefs, i believe this protects the site more than the threat of prosecution.

In my opinion, this way of 'protecting' these sites is just evidence of a breakdown in communication between different grups of people and i know that many people have been discoraged from visiting these places and that in general, local people are disappointed with the way that things have been done.

Anyone have any views on this subject?
Should Ancient sites still be used as they were built for?
Why does protection always include prosecution? Is is right?

Your thoughts either Agreeing or Disagreeing would be great!

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Posted by Mirla
25th June 2007ce

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