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I did start this on Andy Worthington's thread about the roads, but as that thread needs airing and this is dislocating if not divorcing the subject of getting something done from the road I thought I should paste it up as a new topic.


This may not be overly popular on this forum as it doesn't go far enough for what we had all hoped, but seeing as that will never happen we have to go for the lowest common denominator - the farthest we can push something with the majority support.

The public simply want the present services removed and moderately upgraded leaving the site presentable without spending the sort of money that hospitals and schools are in far greater need of, and they do not want to wait until the 12th of Never for an unachievable consensus in respect of the road in order for these improvements to take place.

Why not go for an "achievABLE STONEHENGE" - (leave the A303 road argument to one side as we will never ever get any agreement, then simply close the A344 and remove the tarmac back to the start of the present car park which can be reduced to a turning-circle for transporting disabled visitors. Remove the tunnel offices and shops, and create a reception area with car park of overlaid 'Ground Guard' north of a line drawn east from Airman's Corner. Stonehenge is ably supported by the Wiltshire Heritage Museum at Devizes and South Wilts Museum at Salisbury, it doesn't need a Visitor Centre or a Theme Park that is just a cash cow for you know who) ?


From Nigel Swift:

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes.

I'd already picked up your mention of the slogan "achievable Stonehenge" from your use of it elsewhere and commented to someone how inspired it was.

Here's the thing:

It's absolutely vital that we all agree to this as a broad idea and not lose unity over minor details. I don't necessarily agree with every nuance of what you say, and the practicalities may well dictate a few changes, but everyone signing up for the broad concept is what matters. A few of us are working on it.

There are some very strong and unifying cards in this. One of the strongest is the fact that £60 million on an interpretation centre is unnecessary, disproportionate and even crass, given the tiny size of the heritage pot. There are 1,000+ British Stone circles. Most get inspected by EH once every 7 years. How can that not be plain wrong?

Let's stick together, keep it simple and wield some people power.

From Jo-anne:


I, like Nigel would also like to add some discussion but at a second level.
For a first level I think it was very well said, and definitly speaks of a added quality value for Stonehenge as whole.

Thanks VBB, ... a firm yes from me.

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Posted by VenerableBottyBurp
10th February 2006ce

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Re: "achievABLE STONEHENGE" (Littlestone)

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