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GeneralMegaliths in America!aaroneous1219.11.08ce
GeneralChristianity invented by Romans!aaroneous g1811.10.13ce
General 432hz Tuning and stone circlesaaroneous g925.12.13ce
GeneralMegalithomania TourAbbie1417.04.02ce
Binghilleliptical shapesabelardsnazz614.01.12ce
GeneralDifference between 1998 and 2011 bookAbuSimbel409.08.12ce
GeneralScottish ship graffitiadelphi527.01.05ce
Traprain LawSouterrain?adelphi205.02.05ce
CastleriggWinter SolsticeAdrenochrome2104.01.06ce
Long Meg & Her DaughtersObservation at Long MegAdrenochrome501.07.06ce
CastleriggMidsummer sunriseAdrenochrome402.06.06ce
CastleriggResurfacing at CastleriggAdrenochrome720.09.07ce
GeneralWhere's Captain KirkcaldyAdrian205.04.00ce
GeneralBad World and Good WordsAdrian508.06.00ce
GeneralBIG ROCKS: Stonehenge articleAdrian107.07.02ce
GeneralNo entry means no entryAgentOrange1613.06.01ce
GeneralSedburgh - CumbriaAgentOrange1415.02.02ce
GeneralRiotgibbon on Telly!AgentOrange525.03.02ce
Stonehenge and its EnvironsRG's Stonehenge picsAgentOrange626.06.02ce
GeneralThanks Rhiannon!AgentOrange711.11.03ce
Silbury HillSilbury protestAHAB521.05.01ce
Aveburyavebury solstice & ridgewayAHAB328.06.01ce

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