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Jesus I despise Brexit.
Chuka Umunna SHOE (at the window)giNgko_C109.12.18ce
Mental Health Funding - Did I just see a flying pig?Markoid2208.12.18ce
Mark Zuckerberg II (the revenge of Mark Zuckerberg)giNgko_C604.12.18ce
George HW Bushlawrence2503.12.18ce
Poverty in Britainmoss2329.11.18ce
And today children, we’re going to look through the round windowAmil041826.11.18ce
Extinction Rebelliontjj1723.11.18ce
Jamal KhashoggiAmil04121.11.18ce
Monkeys given keys of the banana cage ...tjj1317.11.18ce
Wealthy rat leaves sinking ship ...tjj531.10.18ce
Pipe bombs in AmericaRhiannon2530.10.18ce
Who owns the London Evening Standard?Amil04827.10.18ce
Does Cope hate Muslims?ChayCarle712.10.18ce
Fuck it!lawrence22217.09.18ce
Neoliberal Fascism (No surprise to anybody!)lawrence21528.08.18ce
Boy DorbisongiNgko_C509.08.18ce
Drugs in PortugalPMM1703.08.18ce
Sums up my experience here a couple of years ago...lawrence21001.08.18ce
There'll always be an EnglandSanctuary

Showing 1-25 of 5,107 Topics | Next 25