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How did you vote in the great 2016 Folly Daddy?nigelswift6814.02.18ce
Europe to legalise Pulse Fishingtjj1317.01.18ce
2018Vybik Jon101.01.18ce
America going to Hell in a handcartnigelswift1029.12.17ce
Look LeftgiNgko_C328.12.17ce
Taxation Taxation Taxation Taxation Taxation (and a sixth taxation for luck)giNgko_C128.12.17ce
Endothermic Moon StationsgiNgko_C219.12.17ce
Pfffff HAHAgiNgko_C425.11.17ce
Google ban on not BreitbartgiNgko_C124.11.17ce
Delusion, hope or a lie?nigelswift11131.08.17ce
Rights and Wrongssanshee626.08.17ce
Dear Edsnigelswift6325.08.17ce
What an appalling America I live in.Lawrence1123.08.17ce
A whole White House department resigns!nigelswift523.08.17ce
Labour to win? Surely not...Robot Emperor14015.08.17ce
What's going on in Syria? phallus dei5014.08.17ce
Brexit and the UK food industry.thesweetcheat6905.08.17ce
Numerous US Government Officials Caught On Camera Meeting With White Helmets and FSA Terrorists Clarity of Signal118.07.17ce
The Naysayers.....Sanctuary3314.07.17ce
Theresa May & The Holy Grailcarol27505.07.17ce
Ireland threatening to block Brexit deal ....tjj5405.07.17ce
Grenfell Tower BlockSanctuary603.07.17ce
Independence DaySanctuary103.07.17ce
 It would be nice to think....Sanctuary

Showing 1-25 of 5,068 Topics | Next 25